DeskPRO Customers

We are proud that many of the world's leading organizations rely on our helpdesk software to run their customer service and user support.
Some of them have kindly agreed to share their experiences with our platform.

After spending years using a highly priced competitor, we were turned to DeskPRO... It was a welcome relief to see a helpdesk done the right way.

Christopher Callaham, IT Department

Just wanted to say that we have really configured our new DeskPRO installation. Honestly - great software - glad we made the choice to purchase this product.

Rudy Pancaro, CEO

Thank you as always for the excellent support

Jason Speck, Application Engineer

With very specific business needs our organization required a ticketing system for 40+ agents that was powerful yet remained user friendly. In particular we had extensive requirements regarding reporting, custom field data, messaging processes and the front end web-portal.

After an exhaustive search we found that DeskPRO provided the most functionality at an appropriate cost. We have been pleased with how intuitive the system is: setup was extremely rapid and we have been able to quickly customize to meet our evolving business demands. We have definitely taken advantage of the many features of the product: easy searches, snippets, the powerful Knowledgebase which allows you to educate users on the most frequently asked questions of your product, tasks and reminders, and many others.

Working with DeskPRO's technical team is always a wonderful experience. They are quick to answer any questions we have and address our concerns promptly. In addition we initiated a custom development project which was successfully delivered by the DeskPRO team – fully meeting our organization's needs. All in all, we are very pleased to be working with DeskPRO and will continue to recommend them to others.

Evie Brown, Helpdesk Manager

Pure support handles around 45,000 emails a year across 4 different languages, and DeskPRO has provided Pure with all the tools necessary to handle our end-user communications efficiently and quickly. Our technician response speeds are up due to the ease of use of DeskPRO’s agent interface, and our incoming quantities are down due to the efficient self-service nature of DeskPRO’s customer front end Knowledgebase.

DeskPRO has delivered a perfect environment to allow our users to grow and my technicians to progress, and all at fantastic value too. 10/10.

Pure is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless music and internet radio systems, the number one supplier of digital radios in Europe and Australia, and the creator of the Evoke-1S, the world’s most popular and iconic digital radio. Pure leads the way in wireless music systems and cloud services with the Pure Lounge portal.

Jason Voice, Technical Support Manager

Thanks so much for all your fine work on this great helpdesk system!

Gary Thorne Sr, Partner

Happy New Year. It was our first DeskPRO anniversary the other day! Thank you for helping us so much, it's very much appreciated.

Simon Frost, Report Writer

DeskPRO is amazing. Our company was looking to switch helpdesk software and wanted something to bring us up to date with the latest trends and capabilities, and DeskPRO has delivered.

We researched over a dozen different companies during our 6 months of investigation, and went through several trials with their software as well, and DeskPRO was the one that kept coming out on top.

DeskPRO was easy to install and implement, whether you are using their Cloud based service (as we did in the trial) or your own on-premise instance, which was the solution that we eventually settled on.

We had agents set up in no time, and quickly moved our Knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions over to the application, which was ready to be fully running and capable within days.

From a user’s perspective, this was a very easy interface to become familiar with, which is great because that minimized training time for established employees and for new ones hired shortly after. We currently have over 1500 customers who actively use our help desk, and we have heard nothing but compliments on the change we have made.

From an administrator’s perspective, the ability to set custom Service Level Agreements and triggers for certain customers is invaluable. This has ensured us that the level of service that we provide will always have the standards that we choose, rather than a preconceived set of markers to apply. The ability to produce custom reports is also great! It comes with a bunch of templates for common reports, but you can take those templates, and create your own.

Overall, I would rate DeskPRO as the best solution for helpdesk software around, and for the price, it can’t be beat.

Mark Fisher, Contractor for the US Army Corp of Engineers

DeskPRO has delivered a perfect system, which has helped iPublishCentral provide successful eBook portals with amazing customer service for a number of leading publishers worldwide.

We have very specific requirements for a helpdesk, as we provide support for 100+ clients, each with their own branding. DeskPRO’s platform has helped us to streamline and organize our processes to meet the needs of our ever-growing set of clients.

DeskPRO has become an integral part of our support process. Without DeskPRO, we would find it difficult to deal with customers who reach out to us from all over the globe.

iPublishCentral is a leading cloud-based eBook delivery platform, provided by Impelsys.

Roshan Vinayan, Project Manager

Thanks for all the work you guys do. We really couldn't do without DeskPRO!!

Tommy Jackson, IT Director

We needed a helpdesk platform that did not require a client, would work with any web browser... DeskPRO does the job. We have been very happy with the product and support.

Ken McKinnon Manager: Infrastructure & Operations

Overall we're very pleased with our decision to have bought DeskPRO. One of the biggest drivers behind our initial decision was the completeness of the platform as a customer service/help desk tool, having an all-in-one ticketing platform, resource center/Knowledgebase, chat interface as well as a robust administrative interface to manage it all.

We've since come to really appreciate the DeskPRO platform, as we can now see and measure the improvements in operational efficiency. Having gone from no visibility to customer interactions (through email) to complete visibility with the ability to set SLAs and keep track of ticket drivers, this allows for stronger customer focus and closes the gaps on customer interactions.

On the other end of things, we use the resource center and KB extensively to proactively educate our customers and staff as we strive for an improved "self-help" mentality. Ultimately this has improved internal operational efficiency while educating the customer, expediting and improving their overall experience.

Great job DeskPRO!

John Issa, Director, Operations

My company supports over a dozen different software products. We have 10 technicians who handle close to 700 tickets a month, many of which can cover complicated technical issues that require a lot of back-and-forth dialog with our users and testers. When we decided we needed a new helpdesk system, we looked at dozens of options. DeskPRO was the only option that met all of our criteria. We’ve been using it for a year now, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

DeskPRO is a reliable tool that allows us to handle complicated customer interactions efficiently. Techs can see at a glance exactly what tickets need handling, and the workflow for responding to tickets is intuitive and easy for new techs to learn. The customizability of DeskPRO is far beyond any of the alternative helpdesk systems we looked at, and the customizations are easy enough for a non-technical person to make. We regularly customize categories, workflows and custom fields in a way that lets us track which products, and types of incidents, are generating the most tickets, and we use that information to build our knowledgebase, quick replies and ultimately our product development priorities. When we have run into questions about using the system, DeskPRO support have been very responsive and helpful.

DeskPRO has improved the efficiency and quality of service we are able to provide for our customers. It's an invaluable tool that I recommend highly.

Dawn Messerly, Quality Assurance & Technical Support Manager

Thank you again -- your software has allowed us to grow from 2001 through today.

Ehud Gavron, Project Manager

Our whole team loves the new full-text search features in DeskPRO!

Anirudh Sanjeev, CEO

Upon taking the helm of the National Energy Services support department at a time where our product range and customer base was increasing, it was plainly clear that the support software in use at the time was not up to the job. After looking around at various product offerings from a multitude of vendors, we decided upon using DeskPRO for our helpdesk and have not looked back since.

Handling around 1000 tickets a month, DeskPRO is a valuable and reliable business tool for us that is quick and easy to use for both customers and technicians. The ability to create Knowledgebase articles and news posts to allow our customers to “self help” is invaluable as it reduces the strain on my technical staff resource and allows us to confidently meet our SLAs, which can all be tracked from the built-in reporting features of DeskPRO.

I have needed to contact DeskPRO for support on their product and I’m pleased to say that all my questions have been met with professional, friendly responses that have exceeded my expectations in terms of speed of response, accuracy and clarity of answers.

All of this, combined with the added flexibility that allows customisations to tailor DeskPRO to our specific requirements, makes DeskPRO a product that I can happily recommend to others.

Chris Bridge, Systems Infrastructure Manager

Also, we got to take a moment to tell you how much we love this software. Implementation has been butter-smooth and the program is both butter-rich and full of great features that make ticket management very efficient.

Aaron Martone, Senior Web Developer

One more question. Is there anything you CAN'T do with this system? LOVE IT!

Brian Ladd, IT Director

DeskPRO was our first venture into the world of ticketing systems and I don’t believe we will ever switch. Not only do we get all the bells and whistles other ticketing systems provide, but we get them all at a flat, fair price. We have used the robust capabilities of DeskPRO to transform our customer service by routing requests automatically to the correct teams, escalating tickets that have been in the queue too long, enhancing inter-departmental visibility and communication, and tracking activity in a way that was not previously possible. Having access to the system from anywhere is not only extremely convenient, but it has also made our business continuity plan much simpler. When we have had questions or needed help, DeskPRO has been incredibly responsive. We have been using DeskPRO for almost a year and are completely satisfied.

Andrew Weiss, Client Services - LTL Operations Manager

BTW, just want to let you know that the support agents in our IT department are really praising DeskPRO. Made their work much easier.

Timo Heil, Project Manager

Thanks for your quick response and help! Good, better, best! ;-)

Sebastian Grote, Team Leader R&D

After a few weeks of searching for the "perfect" system we found DeskPRO. There are many reasons why we choose DeskPRO but none bigger than their exceptional customer service – I can't say enough about the staff of DeskPRO. The service they’ve provided our business is absolutely outstanding. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive, the experts at DeskPRO take care of their customers. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.

The system they have developed is so simple to use and so easy to install that we were up and running in a matter of minutes. The Knowledgebase and ticket system work flawlessly together. Our employees love the new chat feature as it saves them time from running around trying to locate help. Help is now at their fingertips and it's quick and easy and now they can focus more on getting the job done.

The professionals at DeskPRO really took the time to understand their customers' needs. They created a system that has helped streamline our business processes and prepared us for the future. With DeskPRO we get fast response time, experienced professionals, and best of all peace of mind. We know they can handle any issue that comes up so we don't have to worry.

Mike Offenbecher, Maintenance Manager

Good morning. We are about 3 months in to using DeskPRO (~500 tickets) and loving it!

Kenny Young, Software Engineer

We are really happy with your product, it is excellent.

Brent D. Webb, Vice President, Information Technology

I only want to thank all of the DeskPRO personnel involved for adding additional functions for macros to DeskPRO …   Close tab is a very professional finish and it saves a click which should be the purpose behind macros, right?

William Main, IT Manager

Just wanted to say I'm really impressed with how far you have developed DeskPRO since I first bought it many years ago while at Southwire.  You’ve obviously taken great pains to create such a user-friendly and feature rich interface for the agents and admin as well as the user.  I will be launching it in the next week or two here to replace a SpiceWorks helpdesk which in my opinion leaves much to be desired.  I expect it will be a big hit with users and my team as well.

Martin Smith, Director of Information Technology