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Launchpad improved its recruitment processes with Deskpro

Launchpad provides video-led HR technology to improve employment decisions. To ensure success, candidates using the system for the first time need quick answers. With Deskpro, Launchpad replies to over 80% of enquiries within just 15 minutes.

The Challenge

Launchpad’s innovative interview platform speeds up employment screening processes by enabling candidates to record video interviews and answer pre-written questions in their own time.

As its technology is used globally, its candidates can be recording interviews at any time of day. Launchpad has to provide 24/7 support and solve any problems fast to ensure candidates don’t abandon the recording process.

Three years ago, Launchpad was using Zendesk but Customer Experience Manager Nam Nguyen felt that it wasn’t the right tool and was recommended Deskpro.

“I started playing around with Deskpro, comparing it with Zendesk and I found Deskpro more user-friendly. I preferred the in-depth reports that are available and the flexibility that Deskpro offered in terms of being able to customize things.”

The Solution

A key advantage that drove Launchpad’s initial adoption was Deskpro’s superior snippet support. Snippets allow agents to provide pre-written responses to common problems, and are key to Launchpad’s incredibly fast response times.

A move to Deskpro offered better organization of snippets into categories, as opposed to a single big list. When an issue comes through to the Launchpad helpdesk, the agent goes to the technical logs, determines what’s the technical issue, and then uses a pre-written snippet that forms the base of the response and can easily be customized to personalize the message.

Another major advantage of Deskpro for Launchpad was the ability to easily forward messages out of the helpdesk system as emails to the recruiter.

“Only 29% of all queries are technical. Some might actually be questions for the recruiter. Another plus of Deskpro is that it allows us to forward messages instead of having to manually copy and paste it into an email, such is the case in other helpdesk platforms (like Zendesk).”

Snippets make up about 80% of each message sent to users. It greatly reduced response times and improved user experience.
Nam Nguyen Director of Customer Success

The Benefits

Today, Launchpad is able to respond to over 80% of candidates enquiries within just 15 minutes, and the rest within an hour.

Moving beyond reactive support, the company now uses a workflow within Deskpro to follow up on tickets if they don’t hear back from a candidate after eight hours.

To provide 24/7 support, the company has used international support teams. Initially, agents were based in Asia and Africa, using Deskpro’s support for multiple time zones, before focusing operations in the Philippines.

24/7 support means that Launchpads agents are working shifts, so multiple agents can touch the same ticket. Deskpro offers an audit trail, granting the ability to see exactly which agent has actioned what on a ticket. If something does go wrong, Launchpad can go back to see which agent potentially made an error or where it initially stemmed from.

On top of this, ticket locking, agent notes and viewing draft replies have been essential features of Deskpro used daily by Launchpads agents to ensure that the customer support team is working together and not against each other.

Launchpad now has a team of seven agents handling at least 200 tickets a day. Nam praises the user friendliness of the Deskpro agent interface.

“All our agents have a history in the support industry and the majority have used Zendesk before, but now they all prefer Deskpro because of the user-friendliness, the clarity of the interface and the flexibility of the software.”

The Future

Initially, Launchpad purchased Deskpro to help keep their support team small and nimble. However, because using Deskpro has allowed them to provide customer service that is streets ahead of the competition, they found themselves in the fantastic situation of having to scale their support team to match their increasing demand.

“Whilst we initially purchased Deskpro to use with a small team, we were well aware of how well it scales compared with other products. We felt this was future-proofing our business because we didn’t have to worry about searching for another helpdesk if our team started to grow.”