Deskpro Voice

Integrated Call Center Software for Efficient Customer Support

Discover how Deskpro Voice revolutionizes your call center operations by providing a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution. Improve customer satisfaction, resolve issues faster, and streamline communication. with Deskpro's call center software.

A call center built into your help desk

Deskpro Voice comes with all the features you expect from a comprehensive call center solution for your help desk. Whether you want to set up intelligent call trees or greet customers with customized messages, our call center software makes it possible to manage, route, and handle calls with ease.


Every time an agent answers or makes a call through Deskpro, it automatically creates a ticket, giving your agents all of the context they need within the ticket.

All the features you could need

With built in call center software, Deskpro provides you will all the features you need to provide the best phone support possible.

Caller ID & History
Incoming calls display customer details providing agents with all the information.
Auto attendant & IVR
Streamline your call routing with auto-attendant IVR technology.
Automatically manage and distribute calls to specific departments and agents.
Agent extensions
Assign individual extension numbers for any of your call center agents.
You can forward incoming calls to your deskphone, mobile or even SIP.
Answered calls automatically create tickets so agents can easily follow up.
Allow customers to leave a voicemail that automatically creates a ticket.
Agents can click on any phone number and begin a call in just 2 seconds.
Add agents to active calls, or send calls to different agents and teams.
In-call controls
Set calls to mute or hold from within the agent interface during a call.
In-depth reporting analytics and insight for all inbound and outbound calls.
Call recording
Active calls can be recorded onto a ticket giving context to other agents.

Ready to go in seconds

Deskpro allows you to be available for your customers, and nurture meaningful relationships over the phone. Simply add a number to Deskpro, pop on a headset, and get chatting. Set-up takes just 3 minutes.

Deskpro Voice is built on an enterprise-grade network, providing global infrastructure for communicating with your customers via voice calls.

Voice was pretty simple to get set up, the support articles were really easy to follow, telling us exactly what we needed to do.
Brandon Skinner Help Desk Manager

The power of Voice in your help desk

Powerful back-end features are essential to an effective call center solution for your help desk. Deskpro Voice brings you all the functionality you need to provide incredible phone support to your customers with real efficiency.

Taking a call

When a call comes into the help desk, agents are alerted within the interface. They can see the number, customer and organization to help give them context before answering the call.


From the dialpad, agents can make outbound calls or call SIP address directly. They can also choose which phone number to call from.

Call Queue

Choose how to distribute calls between departments and agents. Just like with tickets and chat, you can follow up the communication from within the ticket.

Call Forwarding

You may want to keep using your current deskphone, mobile or even SIP. By forwarding calls out of Deskpro, you can keep all of your current hardware.


If you don't have a 24/7 call center, voicemails are key. Voicemails can automatically create tickets or appear in agents' personal voicemail area.


Right Agent, Right Conversation

Streamline your call routing for each phone number you own, ensuring that customers interacting with you reach the department that they want to speak to, fast.

Only pay for calls

With Deskpro, we won't charge you more to use Voice. You get a fully-featured call center software right inside your help desk. It doesn't matter how many of your agents use it. All you pay for are the calls, simple.

When a help desk just works it is beautiful, and Deskpro did that from day one.
Arnis Morkans Head of IT


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