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Creative Networks wanted an alternative On-Premise helpdesk

After Kayako dropped its On-Premise deployment, Creative Networks needed an On-Premise support solution to continue delivering its customer-focused vision for business IT support.

The Challenge

Creative Networks was using the Kayako On-Premise product for ticketing. When it was announced that this was being discontinued the search for an advanced helpdesk software to replace Kayako began.

"It was important that we had an On-Premise solution. We needed something that was very customizable and easy to gather reports on."

Azeem Javed, Director of Engineering at Creative Networks, was given the task of finding a suitable solution. The alternative helpdesk software needed to provide an On-Premise deployment and include extra features that Azeem and his team will benefit from, such as a customizable reporting interface and integrated live chat.

The Solution

After testing a few helpdesk software solutions side by side to find the best option for the team at Creative Networks. During his assessment of Deskpro, Azeem utilized the 14-day free trial, as well as Deskpro’s customer support team and documentation to help guide him through the product set-up.

“When I signed up for the trial of Deskpro, the support team was very helpful, and quick at getting back to me.”

Azeem found the depth of customization available in tickets, email templates, and reporting Deskpro far superior to other helpdesk software products he was testing. He soon decided that Deskpro's On-Premise solution would be the best fit for the business and set about fully implementing it.

Once we had decided to move, the Deskpro team proved to be a big help in migrating from our old Kayako helpdesk to the new environment.
Azeem Javed Commercial Director

The Benefits

As Creative Networks had migrated from another helpdesk software to Deskpro, it wasn’t a new concept to have a helpdesk integrated with their business systems. Azeem found Deskpro's powerful reporting interface and integrated live chat enabled his team to improve their customer support drastically.

“Deskpro is so malleable and easy to customize. We've improved workflows allowing us to provide more efficient support to our customers.”

Since Creative Networks started using Deskpro in 2017 as their helpdesk solution, the team has been amazed by the growth of the helpdesk features Deskpro has been able to develop and improve.

“It’s great to see the software continuously evolving; it has significantly improved since we started using it.”

Azeem also highlighted that having on-demand support was important for the team, especially as Deskpro's customer support is included in the license fee.

The Future

When Azeem and the team at Creative Networks decided to migrate to Deskpro, they wanted to ensure that they were future-proofing their helpdesk and that it would provide value to them now and in the future. They saw such great value in Deskpro that Creative Networks is now a Deskpro Partner and resell the software to some of its clients. The next step for Creative Networks is to be able to integrate payments and billing with external accounts software.

"We are looking to integrate some of the billing functionality with existing systems. And see that as the final piece in the puzzle."

With the new Apps and Integrations platform soon to be launched on Deskpro, the ability for developers to create new native integrations with ease means that organizations like Creative Networks can personalize the helpdesk environment even more.