All features

Deskpro is full of features and customizable components. Everything is included, no hidden fees.

@ Mentions

Alert, notify and communicate with other agents by ‘@’ mentioning them in ticket notes.

API Import and Export

Use our RESTful API to move data between an external source and your helpdesk.

Admin Access Log

View and audit a full log of all administrative interactions within the helpdesk.


Categorize tickets using extra fields that contain information including category, product, and workflow.

Advanced CRM Search

Search for customers or organizations using a powerful advanced search function.

Advanced Help Center Editing

Customize the Help Center with complete freedom and flexibility so it looks like part of your website.

Advanced Ticket Search

Execute detailed custom searches from the interface even using custom field values.

Agent Accounts

Manage your own and other agent account settings, including notification and other helpdesk preferences.

Agent Deletion

Delete any agent from the helpdesk, or convert their account to a customer profile.

Agent Activity Reports

Run reports based on agent actions across certain dates to audit or monitor activity.

Agent Department Permissions

Limit agent access to tickets that belong to specific departments.

Agent Email Replies

Determine how the helpdesk processes agent replies to email notifications. Select either agent notes or customer replies.

Agent Hours Reports

Reveal how much time is spent by agents interacting with the helpdesk across time.

Agent Monitoring

Monitor how agents are using and interacting with the helpdesk with an agent activity log.

Agent Notes

Communicate with only other agents within open tickets using notes and @ mentions.

Agent Notifications

Determine which notifications agents receive.

Agent Password Management

Set the standards and requirements agents must meet when setting their own account passwords.

Agent People Permissions

Determine how agents can interact with customers and organizations across your helpdesk.

Agent Permissions

Determine exactly what individual agents are allowed to see and do on the helpdesk.

Agent Profile Permissions

Determine whether agents are allowed to set their own profile picture and signature.

Agent Properties

Define a number of properties for each agent that define the way they interact with the helpdesk.

Agent Publish Permissions

Determine how agents can interact with or manage Help Center content.

Content Categories

Organize your Help Center content into categories to help users find what they’re looking for.

Apps and Integrations

Use an entire library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations.


Increase the effectiveness of your support teams, forever.

Autosave Ticket Drafts

Closing the ticket tab or browser window before you submit a new message or note, automatically saves a draft.


Bill clients amounts of money based on the amount of support you provide.

Billing Reports

Run simple reports on time or monetary charges logged by agents using the time log and billing functions.

Billing Security

Deskpro is verified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

Built-in Reports

Run dozens of built-in reports to discover key insights regarding different aspects of helpdesk performance.

Bulk Adding Agents

Add multiple agents to the helpdesk at a time using either a list of email addresses, or a CSV spreadsheet of agent data.


CAPTCHAs are displayed to individuals who demonstrate potentially abusive or suspicious activity.


View and manage all your customer records with ease and simplicity.

CSV User Import

Import existing lists of customers into Deskpro with ease.

Call Queues

Group agents in teams or departments into queues and route calls to them accordingly.

Call Recording

Automatically record and save all active calls within Deskpro for future reference.

Call Round Robin Distribution

Distribute calls to agents in a queue evenly, based on a simple queue or a ‘least utilized’ model.

Call Routing

Ensure the right customer is directed to the right agent on the phone with intelligent call routing.

Call Tickets

Assign calls to a new ticket, existing ticket, or to an existing customer within the helpdesk.

Caller ID and History

Incoming calls display customer details that arm agents with vital support information.

Chat Departments

Control access to chats in conjunction with user groups and agent permission groups.

Chat Embedding

Embed the chat widget on your website to connect with customers without them visiting your Help Center.

Chat History

View all open and closed chats from within the helpdesk interface.

Chat Tickets

Tickets are created from chat sessions if you’re not able to resolve the customer's problem during a chat.

Cloud vs On-Premise

Choose between our hosted service, or run Deskpro on your own server infrastructure.


Allow customers to comment on Help Center content, and foster valuable discussion.

Compulsory Fields

Ensure agents provide vital information. Make selecting or entering values for some of the ticket fields compulsory.

Content Labels

Add labels to content in order to categorize and increase its discoverability for agents and customers.


View key helpdesk performance data that’s beautifully presented.

Content Publishing

Author, publish and manage content on your Help Center from within the helpdesk.

Content Translation

Create and manage translated versions of your content in over 25 languages.

Copy and Paste Agent Settings

Copy the settings you’ve already configured for other agents and apply them to others with ease.

Custom Automatic Emails

Customize the auto-reply emails for each department or automation.

Custom CRM Fields

Define custom fields for customer and organization records to store the most pertinent information.

Custom Chat Fields

Set up custom fields to record additional information about chats.

Custom Domains

Control the exact URL and IP address associated with your helpdesk if you’re using Deskpro On-Premise.

Custom Ticket Fields

Categorize tickets using data fields most pertinent to your organization or a specific department.

Custom Ticket Filters

Define your own criteria for custom filters, and determine how you receive notifications about tickets that match the filter.

Custom Triggers

Customize trigger behavior by modifying default triggers, or by creating your own.

Custom User Fields

Capture the customer information that’s most pertinent to your specific organization.

Custom Widgets & Apps

Create your own widgets and apps to modify the helpdesk agent interface using HTML and Javascript.


Out-of-the-box software you can customize to fit your organization.

Data Security

All customer data is immediately written to disk and backed up across multiple locations.

Date and Time Settings

Customize the specific format your helpdesk uses to display dates and times.

Department Email Accounts

Assign tickets submitted to particular email addresses to specific departments.

Department Triggers

Define which automated actions run when tickets in specific departments are submitted or changed.


Divide the helpdesk into groups that reflect your organization, and control access.


Run actions on tickets that have spent a set amount of time in a certain state.


Make important files and resources available to your customers from the Help Center.

Duplicate Email Detection

Automatically ignore duplicate emails sent from the same individual within a short period of time.

Email Abuse Prevention

Automatically start rejecting email messages from spam bots, rogue automations, or abusive accounts.

Email Account Triggers

Specify exactly what happens when new tickets are sent to email accounts linked to the helpdesk.

Email Actions

Trigger helpdesk actions by adding special email action codes to your replies.

Email CC Following

Allow customers to add agents as followers of tickets submitted with their address as a CC.

Email Rate Limiting

Prevent abuse by limiting the maximum number of emails a person can send in a short period of time.

Email Subject Matching

Automatically determine whether incoming email messages are replies to existing tickets.

Email Templates

Easily select, edit and customize the content of automatic notification emails.

Email Ticket Accounts

Configure the email accounts that will be used to accept tickets and distribute email notifications.

Email Ticket Creation

Create tickets on behalf of customers by email instead of the agent interface, or forward their email to an email address configured to automatically create tickets.

Email Ticket Replies

Reply to tickets in your email interface, rather than in the agent interface itself.

Emoji Support

Use your favorite emojis in ticket replies and chats to add a playful edge to your support.

Exporting Tickets

Download PDFs and print ticket information.

Feedback Categories

Allow customers to select the category their feedback belongs to in order to speed up time to resolution.

Full Import Tool

Easily migrate existing helpdesk data from other providers such as Zendesk, Kayako, Spiceworks, osTicket and Parature.

Feedback Types

Determine the types of feedback customers can submit in the Help Center.


Select groups of helpdesk items to view, manage and work on - using custom and built-in filters.


Organize tickets using flags; which aren’t visible to other agents - only you.

Feedback Status

Set the status of feedback submissions so customers have visibility into how they might be actioned.

Follow Ups

Automatically run specific actions on individual tickets after a defined period of time has elapsed, or on a specific date.

Full RESTful API

Use external code to retrieve, modify, or create data within the helpdesk.


Provide customers with definitions of terms you use across your content.

Grouping Tickets

Customize filters by grouping tickets to create a subfilter.


Create your own indexed library of instructive customer manuals, built right into the Help Center.

Live Chat

Communicate with users via real-time web-based text chat.

Help Center

Allow customers to interact with your helpdesk using a Help Center that’s embeddable on your website.


Apply labels to tickets, user/organization records, articles/news posts/downloads and feedback items in order to categorize or understand them with ease.

Help Center Branding & Design

Change the look and feel of your Help Center to reflect your brand or business.

Help Center Rate Limiting

Prevent an individual or bot from carrying out the same action repeatedly within a short period of time.

Help Center Templates

Easily select, edit and customize the layout of the Help Center.

Helpdesk CRM

View and manage all your customer records with ease and simplicity.

IP Whitelisting

Only allow agents to log in from trusted IP addresses.

Inbound Ticket Forwarding

Allow agents to forward an email from personal accounts to the helpdesk and automatically assign the correct customer - rather than the agent.

Incoming Email Log

View and audit emails that have been received by accounts you have linked to the helpdesk.


Elicit, view and manage customer feedback, requests, and suggestions in the Help Center.


Integrate with over 1000+ other software applications.

Automatic Translation

Translate message content using our built-in Microsoft Translator.


Author and publish articles that provide customers with how-to information and answers to FAQs.

Label Colors

Assign colors to each label in order for agents to understand tickets at a glance.

Label Permissions

Disable the ability for agents to create labels, allowing them to only apply existing ones.


Allow your agents to use the helpdesk in over 25 languages.

Linked Tickets

Associate tickets with one another without merging them. Useful for controlling visibility amongst customers, agents and third parties.


After selecting a filter, results that meet filter criteria are displayed in lists - where you can view and select helpdesk items to interact with or work on.

Automatic Ticket Locking

Enable the automatic locking of a ticket when opened by an agent.


Build stronger global relationships with content in different languages.

Login Lockout

Automatically lock an account after a number of failed login attempts within a short period of time.

Login as Agent

Log into the helpdesk as any agent for troubleshooting purposes.


Apply pre-defined sequences of a whole range of actions to tickets with just a few clicks.

Mass Actions

Apply the same action to up to 50 tickets at a time.

Auto Attendant

Route customers to the right department or agent before calls appear in the agent interface.


Connect with customers and resolve issues in real-time with a fully integrated live chat system.

Authentication Apps

Enable customers and agents to log in using credentials from external services.


Access key helpdesk functionality and features directly from your favorite devices

Multi-agent Calls

Add another agent to an active call, or send calls to different agents and teams with cold and warm transfer options.

Multi-agent Chat

Invite colleagues into live chats to provide users with the best support from the best agents.

App Permissions

Enable or disable permissions for certain agents or agent groups, determining how they interact with helpdesk apps.


Support multiple brands or child organizations from a single helpdesk.

Multi-language Chat

Support chat in multiple languages and route chat to agents with particular language skills.

Music & Greetings

Add a greeting, hold, wait and IVR audio from your files, record new audio, or use our built-in text-to-speech generator.

New Reply Triggers

Trigger ticket actions in response to events regarding new ticket replies.

New Ticket Triggers

Trigger ticket actions in response to events regarding new tickets.

News Posts

Keep customers updated about new information regarding your organization, or its products and services.

Non-Email Ticket Linking

Link tickets not submitted via email to particular email accounts.


Control which helpdesk events notify you and your agents.

Permission Groups

Use permission groups to store sets of rules you can easily apply to multiple agents.

Number Extensions

Assign extension numbers for agents or departments.

Organization Hierarchies

Track parent-child relationships between organizations in your helpdesk.

Organization and User Fields on Ticket Forms

Add custom user and organization fields to the ticket submission forms on the Help Center or embedded on your website.


Record and track the organizations and companies your customers are associated with.

Outbound Ticket Forwarding

Allow agents to forward individual ticket messages as email messages.

Outgoing Email Log

View and audit pending email messages that have not yet been sent, and messages where sending has failed.

Pending Articles

Turn ticket issues into pending knowledgebase articles.

Per-User or Organizational Fields

Add custom multiple-choice fields that offer different predefined options for each customer or organization.

Permission Overrides

Combine individual and group settings to grant particular agents in groups specific permissions.

Physical Security

Deskpro service providers operate state-of-the-art data centers which are externally audited to the A SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type I standard.

Primary Teams

If agents belong to more than one team, select which one should take precedence.

Problems & Incidents

Track, manage and link the problems and associated incidents in your organization that generate customer issues and tickets.

Report Builder

Create powerful custom reports to reveal exactly what you need to know using a simple DPQL query language.

Quick Ticket Actions

Hover over a ticket title to see a list of controls to perform common ticket actions.

Quick-link to Articles & Resources

Direct customers to Help Center content whilst keeping active tickets open.

Real-time List Updates

See tickets appear and disappear in real-time in the list view.

Recent Activity

Easily find what you were just viewing or working on with a list of your recent activity.

Regular Expression Text Validation

Ensure that the values entered into ticket fields are correctly formatted.

Report Exporting

Easily export and share reports with the rest of your organization in a range of formats.


Manage the individuals in your organization who use your helpdesk to provide support to customers.


Monitor helpdesk activity and metrics, and generate reports with actionable insights.

Round Robin Assignment

Automatically distribute chats, tickets, and calls to agents evenly.


Set up universal targets for replying or resolving tickets in the helpdesk.

Ticket Deflection

Automatically direct customers who are about to submit a ticket towards knowledgebase articles that might solve their problem.

SMS Alerts

Automatically send SMS text messages to agents using in-built automation tools.

SSO Authentication

Permit agents to log in using a single set of credentials for ease.

Satisfaction Automations

Use satisfaction ratings as criteria for automation tools.

Agent-only Ticket Fields

Only reveal particular custom fields to agents rather than customers.


Full-text search of tickets or other helpdesk items, such as live chat transcripts and organization profiles.

Server Monitoring

Deskpro uses a number of services including pingdom, server density, Cloudwatch, Scalyr, Newrelic, and others to monitor server performance.

Shared Inbox

Manage all customer interactions and tickets from a single, shared inbox.

Shortcut Commands

Create new content items like tickets, customers, articles and tasks with ease - using shortcut commands.

Site Embedding

Embed forms and widgets to allow customers to access helpdesk features from your website.

Snippet Shortcodes

Insert snippets into responses by typing a simple shortcode straight into the reply.

Snippet Variables

Automatically insert case-specific information into snippets using dynamic variables.

Agent Zones

Determine whether agents can access administration and reporting helpdesk features.


Create, manage and use a library of pre-defined responses to reply to customers with efficiency.


Provide support across your customer’s favorite social platforms - like WeChat and Twitter.


Automatically and intelligently mark unwanted and nuisance tickets as spam.

Split Messages

Split messages about two different issues within the same ticket into two separate tickets.


Group similar or related departments by making them children of a parent department.

Survey Request Emails

Send requests to customers for satisfaction survey feedback regarding agent performance.

System Security

Connection with the Deskpro service is encrypted, and SSL encryption is available for both Cloud and On-Premise deployments.


Keep multiple helpdesk items like tickets, articles and chats open at any given time.

Task Notifications

Notify agents when they have been assigned tasks to maximize accountability.


Plan and organize tasks agents have to complete in order to resolve customer issues and tickets.

Agent Ticket Permissions

Limit agent access to tickets based on permission settings and the status or properties of tickets.

Team Messaging

Allow agents to communicate and collaborate within the helpdesk instantly.


Automatically or manually assign particular tickets to different groups of agents.

Template Variables

Automatically change the content of templates based on dozens of variables.

Ticket Archiving

Improve helpdesk performance by enabling ticket archiving of old tickets.

Ticket Assignment

Assign tickets to individual agents or teams - automatically or manually.

Ticket Attachments

Attach files to your messages using simple drag and drop - including screenshots, updated software drivers, or guides and manuals.

Ticket Categories

Group tickets based on categories, a general-purpose grouping field to link tickets across departments.

Ticket Field Validation

Set validation requirements for all ticket fields which require input from either a customer or agent.

Ticket Fields

Categorize tickets using extra fields that contain information including category, product, and workflow. Make certain fields compulsory to create tickets.

Ticket Followers

Keep track of tickets without assignment to that ticket. CC in agents who need visibility.

Ticket Form Layouts

Configure which fields appear in forms used to submit and edit tickets included on the Help Center or embedded contact forms.

Ticket Hold

Note that action is needed on a ticket, but another event needs to happen first.

Ticket ID Ref Code

Easily find or refer to tickets within the helpdesk using unique ticket IDs.

Ticket Locking

Communicate to other agents that you’re working on a ticket, and prevent them from editing or replying.

Ticket Logs

View all ticket events, including; which SLAs were applied, automatic actions, which emails have been sent, and changes to properties.

Ticket Merging

Merge tickets that pertain to the same issue but are from different customers.

Ticket Message Formatting

Apply rich text formatting to ticket replies.

Ticket Message History

View all ticket message history between customers and agents.

Ticket Priority

Assign a ticket a priority level - ordered from lowest to highest.

Ticket Products

Link tickets directly to the products and services your organization provides to customers.

Ticket Purging

Deleted or spam tickets are kept in the Recycle Bin for a set period of time before being permanently deleted by an automatic cleanup process.

Ticket Reply Drafts

Automatically save ticket replies when you close the tab or browser window before it’s been sent.

Ticket Satisfaction

View a feed or summary of ticket satisfaction feedback provided by customers.


Set up powerful automatic actions to run in response to ticket events.

Ticket Status

Track whether it’s an agent or the customer that needs to act next on a ticket - or if the ticket has been resolved.

Ticket Update Triggers

Trigger ticket actions in response to events regarding changes to existing tickets.

Ticket Workflows

Record the stage of your support process that tickets are in.


Individual tickets contain all the information you need in order to solve customer issues or queries.

Time Log

Record how long it takes to resolve a ticket.

Time zones

Ensure local and international agents can work together harmoniously.

Trigger Actions

Determine what you want to happen in response to ticket events by choosing from dozens of actions.

Trigger Criteria

Define specific conditions that must be met for the trigger to run.

Trigger Event Filtering

Set triggers to respond only to certain events depending on whether it was initiated by a customer or agent, or via the web interface, email or API.

Trigger Order and Control

Automatically run multiple triggers in any order that you arrange them in.


Automatically or manually assign an urgency score to tickets so agents can determine which ones need swift attention.


Provide your customers with phone support using fully integrated helpdesk call center software.

User Blocking

Block customers for 24 hours if they’re abusing the chat function.

User Change Log

View and audit any important changes made to customer records.

User Department Permissions

Limit the access and level of interactions customers have to particular departments within your support operation.

User Groups

Group customers together and determine permissions to control how they can interact with your helpdesk.

User History

View each customer's entire history of tickets, chats, and billing interactions.

User Merging

Combine multiple or duplicate customer records into a single one.

User Password Management

Set the requirements for customers when creating their own account passwords.

User Records

Easily capture and view everything you need to know about your customers.

User Registration

Control how customers are able to create new accounts associated with your helpdesk.

User Rules

Automatically associate customers with organizations based on their email addresses.

User Satisfaction

Allow customers to rate your support for each ticket using a simple satisfaction survey.


Create and manage profiles for every individual that needs support from your organization.

Voice Permissions

Determine how agents, teams and departments are allowed to use phone helpdesk functions.


Allow customers to leave a voicemail that automatically creates a ticket.

Webhook Actions

Use helpdesk automation tools to interact with external services.

Agent Task Permissions

Determine whether agents have access to set their own tasks or not.