Powerful features to revolutionize your customer support

Discover Deskpro's feature-rich helpdesk system designed to streamline customer support and enhance team collaboration. Create your ideal helpdesk platform that exceeds support expectations.


Effortlessly track, prioritize, and solve every email within a single ticketing system.

Action Codes

Trigger helpdesk actions when replying from your normal email provider with action codes.

Agent CCs

Allow Customers to add agents as ticket followers by CCing them on an email.

Automatic Emails

Customize the auto-reply emails for each of your departments for a more human response.

Department Accounts

Assign tickets send to a specific email address to the relevant department automatically.

Duplicate Detection

Automatically ignore duplicate emails from the same individual within a short period of time.

Email Abuse Prevention

Automatically reject messages from spam bots, rogue automations, or abusive accounts.

Email Account Triggers

Create rules that dictate what happens when new tickers are sent to your helpdesk's email accounts.

Email Templates

Use, edit, and customize the template content of automatic notification emails.

Outgoing Log

View and audit pending email messages that have not yet been sent or have failed to send.

Rate Limiting

Prevent abuse by limiting the maximum number of emails a person can send in a period of time.

Subject Matching

Automatically determine if incoming messages are replies to existing tickets.

Ticketing Accounts

Configure the specific accounts that will be used to accept and route tickets to the helpdesk.

Ticket Creation

Create tickets on behalf of customers by email, or forward user mail to the helpdesk.

Ticket Replies

You can reply to tickets from your email provider rather than the helpdesk interface.

Shared Inbox

Manage all customer interactions and tickets from a single, shared inbox in the helpdesk.

Survey Requests

Send automatic requests to customers to gather feedback about agent performance.