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Tain wanted a provider that continues to support On-Premise software

After becoming disillusioned with Kayako and its removal of support for On-Premise, Tain began looking for a tool that would help its growing and multi-location team provide excellent support.

The Challenge

In 2013, Tain merged with another online gaming company, Betting Promotion, to become a global brand. Initially, Tain used Kayako, but with a new team structure and three offices worldwide, it became disillusioned with Kayako after it removed support for On-Premise. Tain began looking for a new helpdesk solution that would support its growing and multi-location support team.

Jonathan Bonnici, Technical Support at Tain, was part of the team that began searching for a new helpdesk. There were three main aspects of the helpdesk that they were looking for:

“It had to be On-Premise. It had to be scalable. And it had to be easy for us to migrate to."

The Solution

The team at Tain was keen to test out its shortlist of helpdesk options side by side. During the testing phase Jonathan reached out to the Deskpro support team to enquire about migrating data from Kayako to Deskpro. He was able to use the in-built data importer to import directly from the Kayako On-Premise helpdesk.

“Migrating to Deskpro was plain sailing. We didn’t have any issues, it was painless.”

Once migration was complete, Jonathan quickly configured the helpdesk for its departments and teams. Due to the set-up of the support teams at Tain, they needed a helpdesk that was customizable to suit its needs and scalable in line with its continued growth trajectory.

The Benefits

Once the team members had been on-boarded to the helpdesk, Tain was able to see the real benefits of switching to Deskpro. The flexibility of the admin interface compared to its previous helpdesk has helped Tain to constantly innovate its customer service automations.

“Deskpro is really useful in my day-to-day work.”

Jonathan and the other helpdesk admins were able to set up Triggers to automate lots of the heavy lifting. By automating manual and repetitive tasks, Tain have reduced human errors on tickets as well as given its Agents the ability to answer more tickets. The team at Tain has also been impressed with the level of customer support that they have received from Deskpro, something that they found was lacking in other helpdesks that they trialed and used.

“Support from Deskpro is good, they are always very helpful and quick.”

The Future

Jonathan and the team at Tain enjoy the flexibility that On-Premise brings with regard to upgrades. As they can test out new upgrades in a separate environment before pushing them live on their helpdesk.

Having regular upgrades of Deskpro is fantastic, and it improves every time.
Jonathan Bonnici Technical Support

In the future, Jonathan and the team envisage using multi-brands to help provide client-facing portals for its different brands and moving across to the latest version of Reports.