Help Center Software

Help your customers help themselves

Make support easier for customers and agents with 24/7 self-service Help Center software.

24/7 Knowledgebase Software

Allow customers to help themselves by offering them a library of resources.

Branded Content Platform

Make your help center look as beautiful as your website.

Multi-Channel Help Center

Let customers contact you in the way that suits them best.

In-built Help Center Software

Link your help center and helpdesk together for optimal support.


Access Help Center content anywhere

Your Help Center content can be made available on any page on your website through a messenger widget.

Customers using the widget can access all of your knowledgebase content through the widget; providing an alternative user interface with your Help Center combined with live chat.

Structured Guides

Guide users to greatness with support content

Sometimes your customers need you to hold their hand through an issue, but this is time-consuming for agents.

Create structured self-service content that provides a step-by-step walkthrough and helps your customers solve their problems.

The guides feature is one of my favorite things on Deskpro and our customers really love it too.
Luke BryantCustomer Support Manager

Effortless Navigation

Drag and drop helps you organize content

Easily manage how content will appear to your customers with a live drag and drop management system.

Within each guide, it’s possible to create nested topics with a hierarchy of volumes, chapters and pages, keeping the information organized and easy to navigate.

find answers

Make finding the right answer easy for everyone

Customers want to find the answers to problems when it suits them. Reduce the effort it takes for customers to solve their issues and help them quickly find solutions to their problems the first time they access your content.

Instant Search

Help customers search your support content

Give customers instant answers with powerful search across the whole Help Center and Knowledgebase software, including Knowledgebase articles, guides, community topics and news.

Intelligent search begins to suggest articles as they're typing.

Search Words

Ensure the most relevant content ranks

Ensure important content is always included in the top of search results by assigning frequently used keywords to articles.


Categorize your content with descriptive labels

Organize your library of content to help customers and agents find answers faster when they search, by assigning labels to published content.

Related Content

Boost related content with simple links

Increase discoverability of content and ensure that when customers are searching for answers, they’ll discover your solutions first.

Articles are optimized for search engines and related content can be linked.


Structure your content with nested categories

Create a structured knowledgebase with unlimited sub-category nesting to put your content where you want it.

Place the same article in multiple sub-categories, great for organizing large and small content libraries.

We always refer people to our Knowledgebase with over 500 articles. Customers love that they can help themselves day or night and our agents love that it reduces the number of tickets we receive.
Mike WrayPresident

Ticket Management

Customers can manage their tickets

You can access your tickets from the Help Center; view lists of your tickets and notifications with ease.

The Help Center software lets you conveniently manage your ticketing from a different interface and helps you stay on top of things.


Customize the Help Center to fit your brand

Support content shouldn't have to look dull. A familiar branded content platform helps your audience feel safe and increases trust in your brand.

Set your own color scheme, logo and header image to reflect your brand - with an easy-to-use template system and CSS.


Manage multiple brands across Help Centers

Provide support to multiple independent brands, products, services or audiences with unique Help Centers you can manage from one helpdesk.

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content that shines

Delight customers with quality support

Choose Help Center Software where you can provide customers with more than just a plain word document.


Show definitions of terms used across other content to reduce confusion.


Attach formatted documents that can be shared in messages.


Track metrics to improve the quality of current articles.

Custom Fields

Define custom fields and flexibly add additional information to content.

Embedded Media

Provide customers with all the context they need to solve their problems.

PDF & Print Articles

Share and present formatted documents for users.

quality content

Publishing and editing made easy

Author content using a rich and easy-to-use publishing interface. Moderate content with the ability to draft, approve, publish, and archive articles.


Discover what your customers really think

Crowdsource improvements by allowing customers to see, comment and vote on topics most important to them. Provide a roadmap to track progress of responses to feedback and show you are listening to them.

Promote Collaboration

Let customers engage with one another

Improve engagement by allowing customers to provide you with feedback, enabling customers to collaborate, discuss and help each other to solve issues.


Customers can reply to content and other people as well as upvote comments deemed most valuable to discussions.


Keep your community free of spam and offensive content by reviewing comments and topics before they are published.


Deliver localized content at scale

Speak the language of your customers and build stronger relationships across the world by publishing articles in different languages.

Learn more about Localization


Provide time-sensitive instant updates

Keep customers constantly engaged and in-the-know by communicating the most recent news, blog posts and announcements.


Organize news posts into categories to communicate specific types of content and quickly distinguish them with colors.

Cover Images

Add images to news posts to provide context and a captivating preview.


Ensure customers never miss an update

Subscriptions allow customers to be notified via email of any new articles, changes and updates to the knowledgebase.

Individual articles, categories and the whole knowledgebase can be subscribed to, along with News and Community content.


Keep content consistent and fresh

Avoid confusing customers and save time by building structure and consistency into content.


Ensure that your news posts use the same format. Agents can create templates for different purposes and save time by using them again and again.

Freshen Up Stale Content

Choose when you want content to be reviewed by your team, keeping it up-to-date and relevant.


Centralize file sharing and storage

Make files available to your customers and agents, whether it is a pdf, a brochure, a software application or driver.

Deskpro provides you with the ability to host files within knowledgebase articles, guides and news. It also has a dedicated file storage area for your external or internal customer base.

We heavily vetted several applications and found Deskpro was the right choice to support our multi-branding needs. Customers contacting us via different brands automatically get connected to the most appropriate agents.
Matt GoldfarbExecutive Director of Support


The right content for the right audience

Help center software can make content available for internal and external use on the same Help Center.

Usergroup Permissions

Specify permissions to limit what content customers can view. Set permissions for internal knowledge management, such as employee training, on the same support site as customer FAQs.


Fully-integrated knowledgebase and helpdesk

Create an article once, that solves an issue for hundreds of customers in the future.


Turn common questions into resources

Keep your knowledgebase up-to-date and your customers in the loop whilst reducing tickets for your agents.

We've created a support Help Center and that's been a wonderful feature for our customers to use.
Sarah KippernesHead of Support
We’ve started testing different branded Help Centers for the different products that our clients use.
Brian ThomasonIT Systems Engineer
We currently support six different customers and use the Help Center for all of them so we have personalized branding for each of those customers.
Luke BryantCustomer Support Manager
We direct staff to the Help Center instead of sending us an email because there are specific questions they have to answer and this way we can drive responses.
Nick MartunasIT Manager