Deskpro lets you construct your perfect helpdesk

Every business is different and needs a unique helpdesk.

With Deskpro's endless customization capabilities, you can develop a helpdesk that is entirely your own.

Help Center

Modify your Help Center to fulfill all your customer's needs

Consolidate all your content into a single self-service platform that is accessible to your entire customer base 24/7. Customize how accessible your Help Center is, how it looks and how it functions to make your self-service platform as beneficial to your organization as possible.

Design & Branding

Full aesthetic customization is available. Set color scheme, logo and header to reflect your brand imagery with easy to use templates and CSS. Create unlimited versions of your Help Center across your various brands if needed.


You decide which sections of the Help Center you want to display; add and remove components at your leisure. Choose your own layout to display the most important and useful content more prominently.


Your Help Center can be localized for an international customer base with Deskpro's language packs that can translate the Help Center into 25 different languages - make your Help Center accessible to all.


Implement permissions to control who has access to your Help Center, require customers to be logged in securely to view certain content and areas.

Custom Dynamic Forms

Dictate exactly what data your forms collect

Create your own form layout; include specific fields to illicit data from your customers. Develop forms which dynamically change from the answers and information your customers supply.

The best support tool around. Deskpro is fully customizable and dynamic. It is an excellent tool for remote customer support.
Christian CantinelliService Manager

Custom Fields

Create your own fields to extract all the information you need

Add custom fields across your helpdesk so extra information can be gathered and stored in the CRM, forms, tickets and chats. You can collect various types of information through these fields which can be retrieved easily for future use.


Required fields prompt customers to add extra information that will be attached to their ticket.


Custom user fields collect and store information in the CRM that's remembered when a customer logs in.


Compulsory fields on tickets require agents to enter additional information before they can respond.


Chat fields collect additional information about customers' queries so agents know more about the issue.


Control what your customers and agents can access

Determine who can access areas of your helpdesk and Help Center with permissions. You can restrict access to certain features by setting permissions for specific agents, departments or usergroups.


Ensure support requests reach your helpdesk smoothly

Link multiple accounts and channels to route into your helpdesk; let your agents respond to support requests from one intuitive helpdesk solution.


Link your email accounts to your helpdesk so tickets flow into the helpdesk seamlessly.


Direct all instant chats from various embedded widgets to the correct departments.


Connect any numbers you own to the helpdesk and centralize where calls are received.


Respond to social channels; SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp.

I would definitely recommend it to anybody who needs a helpdesk system that is powerful, full of customization and affordable.
Alex OquendoManager of IT Student Workforce


Tailor your helpdesk's automations to keep things running smoothly

Automate ticket event processes in your helpdesk to ensure your tickets are organized and don't fall through the cracks. Create custom automations to easily route tickets within the helpdesk.

Ticket Management

Organize your helpdesk with custom ticket criteria

Agents create their own custom values to organize tickets in the helpdesk interface. Making it easier to search for tickets by the criteria they meet.


Categorize your tickets with custom filters

Define your own filters to group tickets in your filter pane; this creates a category where tickets with properties matching the custom filter fields end up.

Control the filter pane display by only showing tickets that match certain criteria, this lets agents create highly specific ticket filters to show them exactly the tickets they needs in an instant.


Search your helpdesk with ease

Apply custom labels to tickets to enable quick search from the search bar in the agent interface.

You can filter your searches with Deskpro's saved search function; which enables agents and admins to create search categories within the agent interface.

Tickets are allocated to these categories by preset query fields that determine where a ticket is stored.


Customizable reporting gives clear insights into your organization

Use DPQL query language to generate a wide variety of reports for your organization. Combine dozens of metrics to form highly specific reports and gain rich insights into your performance.


View live updates to your organization's statistics on a curated dashboard; control how you want your data to be displayed, by teams, department or even individual agents.


Create custom reports to view specific statistics for your organization by using a guided process or DPQL query language to retrieve data for particular sets of criteria.


Create highly specific reports through Deskpro's stat builder. You can create and edit these reports either through the guided DPQL process or by editing the raw DPQL, the choice is yours.


Admins decide who can access the reports component. If agents are granted access they either have a view only option or are free to build their own reports. You can also control who has the ability to share reports with others.

We needed something that was very customizable and easy to gather reports on.
Azeem JavedCommercial Director


Monitor satisfaction through customer feedback

Measure performance of agents alongside tracking customer satisfaction. With customizable surveys you can choose what specific factors to receive feedback on. Your customers will be able to rate and comment on the support service they receive.

A ticket's survey rating can be automatically added as a label making it searchable by rating category.

Security & Authentication

Choose how to secure your helpdesk and protect your data

Customize your helpdesk's security measures to protect your organization. Streamline log in processes with agent and customer authorization to help keep your database even more secure.

Single Sign On

Configure multiple options for SSO to the Deskpro platform for both agents and customers when they are logged into external accounts.

Link your authentication source

Decide which log in routes you will allow from industry standards like Active Directory, LDAP and SAML, as well as social accounts.

Password Settings

Customize your password policies for agents and customers. Set a minimum password length, block reusable passwords, rules for the content of passwords and password expiry limits.

Round Robin

Create your own workload allocation and triaging machine

Round robin automation shares workloads evenly across your agents and teams. Select a round robin to systematically assign tickets to the next agent in the queue.

Apply settings to determine how and when agents are selected; such as agent least utilized or skipping agents that aren't online. Perfect for managing ticket allocation even when staff are ill, on holiday or working on other projects.

Apps & Integrations

Create a unique helpdesk by integrating your own combination of apps

You can introduce any number of apps and widgets from Deskpro's library of bespoke apps and integrations that will boost agent productivity.

Your Own Apps

Code your own apps and widgets to be fully integrated into your helpdesk and extend your support capabilities using simple Javascript and HTML.

Webhook Actions

You can create automatic triggers that respond to helpdesk events with webhook actions.


Easily retrieve, create and update your helpdesk's data; whether by automating a task or integrating your helpdesk with existing systems.

Deskpro has worked really well for our purposes. We needed some customization which Deskpro was able to help us out with and the support was great.
Steven ZatsOwner
It's nice to be able to customize Deskpro the way we needed; I set up departments and labels to fit our needs.
Mark FrankfurtFounder & CEO
I would definitely recommend it to anybody who needs a helpdesk system that is powerful, full of customization and affordable.
Alex OquendoManager of IT Student Workforce
Deskpro is a robust do-it-all ticketing platform. It can be customized as you'd like and we branded our helpdesk.
Timothy KinnieIT Analyst

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