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What is helpdesk software and why does my organization need it?

Helpdesk software is a simple and effective alternative to managing customer support through clunky email accounts.

Anytime a customer contacts you - be it through email, phone, social, or live chat - Deskpro captures these interactions and displays them all in a simple user interface. Easily establish and nurture meaningful relationships with your customers - no matter how big your team is.


Consolidate support across all your communication channels

Effortlessly manage every support issue raised via email, chat, social, voice, or on your website from a single system.


Every customer conversation is owned, transparent and resolvable.


Support your customers needs on a platform they trust.


Connect with customers & resolve issues in real-time on live chat.


Dynamic forms capture the relevant information your agents need.


Bring 21st century customer experience to your phone support.

Are you Cloud or On-Premise?

However you want to deploy your helpdesk, you can do it with Deskpro. Host it on your internal system or run it in the cloud on industry-leading AWS.

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Migration Made Easy

Enterprise Plan Customers

The everything helpdesk software

It's almost impossible to collaborate without helpdesk software. Teaming up on customer support is easy with Deskpro. You or your colleagues can easily subscribe to updates regarding particular tickets, or can invite others to assist with trickier issues.


Intelligent ticketing software

Say goodbye to confusing and messy support inboxes. All support activity is presented transparently across your organization, increasing accountability and engendering a new standard of support quality your customers will love.


All the channels of communication into your helpdesk are registered as tickets; keeping your helpdesk organized and running efficiently.

Highly Organized

Powerful automations keep your workflows streamlined for an intelligently organized helpdesk that makes your Agents problem solving machines.

Transparent & Collaborative

Deskpro's helpdesk lets your Agents collaborate and work together to achieve an amazing level of customer support.

Help Center

Author a comprehensive and rich support center

Extend your extensive support with a 24/7 accessible Help Center; a platform where your customers can find the answers to their queries in your published guides and content.

Help Center

Help customers help themselves with a fully integrated knowledgebase software and 24/7 self-service Help Center, customized to solve any queries your customers have.


Empower your customers with rich-text knowledgebase articles that answer common support queries and FAQs.


Support multiple brands or child organizations from a single helpdesk with customizable platforms across various Help Centers.

Live Chat

Proactive live messenger chats boosts your support standard

Engage with your customers in real-time with live chat and solve their issues rapidly.

Real-time Support

Provide your customers with live real-time support, giving them instant answers to questions when they need it the most.

Proactive Chat

Initiate chats with current and potential customers using our easy-to-install chat widget on your website.

More than chat, apps and elements in Messenger

Your most important support features are at your fingertips at all times benefit from a wealth of helpdesk features in real-time.


A limitless call center solution

Resolve issues faster with a fully integrated call center solution for your helpdesk, alongside countless other helpdesk features to enrich your phone support.


Answered calls automatically create tickets within the helpdesk.

Call Center Software

Receive inbound calls directly, or reach out to customers with outbound calls, all within the helpdesk.


Simple dialpad audio menus allows you to route users to the right department or agent before calls appear in the agent interface.

We’re always referring people to our Knowledgebase that contains over 500 articles. Customers love it that they can help themselves at any time, day or night and our agents love it because it reduces the number of tickets we receive.

Mike Wray
President, Mariner Software
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Collaborate with ease

Allow multiple people to work on the same issues at the same time. Teaming up on customer support is easy with Deskpro. You or your colleagues can easily subscribe to updates regarding particular tickets, or can invite others to assist with trickier issues.

Shared Inbox

Manage all customer interactions and tickets from a single, shared inbox.

Notes & @Mentions

Improve collaboration with team members on individual tickets and conversations.

Team Messaging

Allow agents to communicate and collaborate within the helpdesk instantly.

Grow your company

Keep on top of all your customers with an in-depth customer relationship management system. Observe how your organization performs and become a more efficient and effective company with an intelligent helpdesk software.


Transparent customer management system

See full customer conversations with the entire message history. All activity is transparent, increasing accountability and engendering a new standard of support quality your customers will notice.

Full Picture

Apply labels, custom fields, and notes to each organization, or see the entire ticket history at-a-glance.

Organization History

Automatically group users together based on the organization they are associated with.

Integration & Apps

Routinely auto sync new users from Active Directory and LDAP, import spreadsheet data, or integrate with CRM applications like Salesforce and Highrise for seamless CRM population.


Scale your helpdesk to provide support no matter where or when

Provide customer support in different time-zones and languages from one central helpdesk.


Provide support to different brands, products or services with unique portals you can manage from one helpdesk.


Over 25 languages for agent and portal, plus provide multi-language knowledgebase content.

Department & Teams

Group agents together into multiple teams - within, or even across, different departments.


Examine and share metrics that matter

Understand metrics that reveal your response times and resolution rates. Dashboards and custom reports mean you can quickly and accurately assess how to improve the performance of your team and the level of support you offer customers.

Live Data

Access to all live data across your helpdesk.

Custom Reporting

Configure reports that reveal what matters to your helpdesk.


Create dashboards that show what your organization needs to know about your helpdesk.

As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise helpdesk. Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at.

Anthony Carter
Head of IT