Anaylze helpdesk data and make better decisions

Understand customers and improve your support with insights you can act on. Get real-time live data across dashboards, custom reports, and stats.

Customizable Reports

Configure reports that reveal what matters to you.

Key Insights

Maintain SLAs and departmental performance.

Live Dashboards

Display live updates to your reports on curated dashboards.

Manage Billing

Track time spent on support with accuracy and ease.

Customizable reporting

Generate actional insights from reports

Construct a wide range of reports your organization can use to track performance. Using DPQL, you can build any reports to provide rich analytics for your organization; build highly-specific reports and dashboards to be produced.

Custom Reports

Built-in reports that analyze every metric

Deskpro offers 150+ built-in reports that can automatically track your helpdesk performance data; providing you with rich insights into your organization.

You can also combine dozens of metrics and stats to create highly specific reports for your organization by customizing these standard reports to display a wide variety of data combinations.

DPQL Query Language

Customize reports for valuable insights

Using Deskpro's inbuilt query builder you can create highly specific reports for your organization through DPQL query language.

You can create and edit these reports either through the guided DPQL process or by editing the raw DPQL, the choice is yours.

These dynamic reports can be displayed in a variety of visual formats on your fully customizable dashboards.

I like that the DPQL is similar to the SQL language for generating a query, so it’s not super complicated.
Matteo FerroniCo-Founder & CTO

Custom Dashboards

Display your data on custom dashboards

Create dashboards to display your data and metrics however you want.

Curate dashboards for individual teams or departments to show their performance. Or you build a dashboard for specific actions; how you organize your data is completely up to you.

Ticket Satisfaction

Use feedback to boost your support

Use customer satisfaction scores to monitor your feedback across tickets and agents to reveal opportunities for improvement.

Insights into what customers like and dislike about your service can help you to improve your customer support.

Data Driven Performance

Analyze data and identify opportunities for improvement

Monitor helpdesk performance with real-time updates to your statistics. Our built-in reports let you view ticket stats, agent activity, hours worked, time billed, and ticket satisfaction scores.


See recent snippet usage and tickets that used them, or which snippets are most frequently used.

Customer Use

Understand how customers use your various channels to determine where to allocate your resources.


Use your data to see what might be getting in the way of fast and effective support.

Reports are just so easy to use. The different types of reports are great to take to stakeholders to reinforce why we're doing things or why we should change things.
Adam SmeetsDirector of Information Systems

Track performance

Monitor what matters to your organization

Accurate reporting enables you to track your company's performance and keep a tab on your agent activity. Storing all your important information in one convenient location makes all your processes more efficient.

Track your activity

Track agents' actions and manage billing

Track chargeable agent time automatically in our reports component. Update your billing rates with accurate agent timings or identify a flat-rate to change customers. This also enables you to accurately audit your agents actions across your helpdesk.

Need to know who to send an invoice to at the end of the month? Store exactly the information you need using the same powerful custom fields system as tickets and CRM.

Control Access

Always stay up to date

Your reports will automatically update to display current stats and you can create settings so an overview of your reports is sent to those who need to regularly monitor your helpdesk's performance.

Keep your analytics on a need-to-know basis by controlling who has access to reports in admin settings. Allow access to all so agents are accountable for their own activity, or keep access strictly for management to track their agents.

Deskpro is a great tool and helps our teams collaborate better. We make data-driven decisions using the reports to keep improving for our users.
Robert TankaHead of Technical Operations
The reports interface is easy, it’s not rocket science and there are so many predefined reports.
Stefan UrdlCorporate Director of IT
I use reporting to see how fast we can get to resolutions or to work out our average response time.
Brian ThomasonIT Systems Engineer
I can run reports for my team performance and I know that the tool is very rich. I love Deskpro.
Liliana CarouCustomer Service Supervisor