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Cairn make customer service complimentary

Cairn Group's successful switch from Spiceworks to Deskpro has improved engagement with employees and allows better monitoring of progress and company-wide performance.






Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK





The Challenge

Prior to using Deskpro, Cairn Group were using Spiceworks, a free single threaded helpdesk software. The team, including Darren Banfi a Senior IT Security Analyst, found that their customer-centric team problems were being caused by issues with their helpdesk; around the outdated interface, constant advertisements in product and inability to satisfy the needs of the Cairn Group’s forward direction.

"It was demanding for us as a company to run several extensive training days for staff just to learn the helpdesk system that the team were using."

To be able to adhere to their mission of providing exceptional first-class customer service and going above and beyond for their guests, the Cairn Group decided to embark on a search for a new helpdesk software platform.

The Solution

Darren and the team were looking for a helpdesk that had an easy-to-use interface, customizable reports, dashboards and a support team that could help them make a smooth transition.

It didn’t take long for Darren to see how Deskpro could truly revolutionize customer support at Cairn Group. The intuitive interface coupled with the reduction in training time and costs to onboard new members of the team, was clear to see.

"The interface is so useful and easy to understand, Deskpro is one of the easiest helpdesk softwares I have used. It means we don't have to train the staff as much - and use Deskpro instead of doing a three-day training course."

As customer queries can come at any time of day, the support team needed to have access to answers, fast. The in-built knowledgebase software in Deskpro was a perfect place for agents to find solutions without any delay, using a library of resources available 24/7.

The interface is so useful and easy to understand, Deskpro is one of the easiest helpdesk softwares I have used.
Darren BanfiSenior IT Security Analyst

The Benefits

The Cairn Group have benefited most from the extensive customizability that Deskpro offers. The team are now more engaged with the company performance, thanks to real-time reports displayed on the office floor dashboards – which can be customized by department. They are also able to operate more efficiently, with online support and resources being readily available when needed.

"It's been a really good move. I can't fault Deskpro."

After making the switch, Cairn Group were able to take advantage of Deskpro’s easy-to-use interface, and created several customizable reports to monitor specific KPIs in their company performance. Now, the team have integrated Dashboards into the office, displaying real-time reports, including ticket queues and online agents.

The Future

Looking ahead, Darren and the team aim to take advantage of the iOS and Android mobile apps more. The apps have been invaluable when agents need to check on the status of tickets and queues easily from their mobile, when away from the desk or office. This also adds the crucial element of flexibility and accessibility to their operations.

Deskpro’s transparent pricing has enabled Darren to be able to forecast the budget as Cairn Group expand with more teams on the platform.

The all-in-one price has also helped the team roll-out new features as and when they chose, so they can work alongside their objectives and developments for the future.

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