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Aon Norway wanted a more productive customer service system

Aon Norway started using Deskpro to help organize its support service for psychometric assessments and provide customer support to its users.

The Challenge

Aon is a multi-national professional services firm that provides advice and solutions to give global clients clarity and confidence to make informed decisions that will help them grow.

Before moving to Deskpro in 2019, Aon relied on an email solution to handle customer support requests for its local clients but found it was too difficult to manage customers’ needs. Sarah Kippernes, Head of Support at Aon Assessment Norway, explains that her team “started using Deskpro to try and structure the support service more before that we had been using a Gmail shared inbox that was very difficult to structure when you have several users.”

The team at Aon wanted to find a helpdesk solution that could help organize and categorize its inquiries more effectively: “We decided to look for a ticketing system that would be more efficient for working together.”

The Solution

After moving to Deskpro, Sarah and her team quickly adjusted to the new solution: “I can’t remember any issues when we started using Deskpro. At first glance, it looked complicated because there were a lot of functions, but we just used the features we needed to respond to tickets.”

The team was able to customize Deskpro to fit its department’s operations, “we’ve been using queues which are very helpful because we haven’t split our account into departments or teams. All the agents work in the same team and department in Deskpro.”

But with intelligent routing, Sarah can organize the helpdesk in a way that suits the team best, for example, using queues for members of the team that have different responsibilities. “We have one person who has a somewhat different role, so we just created a filter for those emails to go straight to her.”

We've created a support Help Center and that's been a wonderful feature for our customers to use.
Sarah Kippernes Head of Support

The Benefits

Since using Deskpro, Sarah has found that the team can structure support better and uses automations to make the helpdesk run more smoothly for the support team.

“The support team makes up a large part of our office so a ticketing system is more efficient for collaboration.”

The team has also started using other aspects of the helpdesk like Guides to supplement support: “We’ve created a support Help Center, that’s been a wonderful feature for our customers.” Sarah is also appreciative of the documentation available to her through Deskpro as she tests more features, “I’ve been spending time looking at Deskpro’s guides and YouTube videos; they’ve been very helpful.”

The Future

In the future, Sarah wants to start exploring more features available to her, “I’ve set up some reporting options; I’ve been exploring them a bit lately as I think it’s an interesting function that I’d like to use more.” She is also looking into using more organizational features like SLAs: “I’ve started trying out SLAs and linking that to the urgency function; I’m interested in continuing to test that.”

Sarah also looks forward to the latest Deskpro upgrade, Horizon, “It seems like there’s a huge upgrade in the interface,” and continuing to use Deskpro within her team.