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Specialist Pharmacy boosted its support with Deskpro

The Specialist Pharmacy has been using Deskpro for over 2 years and being able to effortlessly manage tickets has made staying an easy choice.

The Challenge

The Specialist Pharmacy creates bespoke medicines designed to treat the symptoms of menopause and other hormone-related conditions.

Before moving to Deskpro, the Support team noticed several areas in need of improvement.

The key areas needing amendment were the management processes on tickets and the ability to keep tickets separate for Agents. Specialist Pharmacy felt the absence of these features negatively impacted the team's ability to provide high-end support to its clients.

Consequently, The Specialist Pharmacy decided to search for a solution with a new helpdesk.

The Solution

The frustration felt by the team at The Specialist Pharmacy soon led them to Deskpro. Deskpro’s features allowed them to improve how they handled queries and issues. Including the ability for Agents to assign tickets to themselves and maintain streamlined conversations between the team and their re-occurring patients, minimizing confusion.

“We all have individual tickets, so we can easily filter through and respond accordingly.”

Taking advantage of the ability to organize tickets, so less tickets were getting lost, especially in the case when Agents were away from the office.

“If any team member is away or unable to respond, we can access that too – so there are minimal delays. It’s very practical and efficient.”

The Benefits

The team at Specialist Pharmacy has benefited from assigning a patient to an individual, allowing the ability to build an excellent relationship and provide outstanding customer service to their patients.

“It’s good because when you reply, it will come directly back to you. So, you can build that relationship with the patients.”

The Deskpro interface also allows each Agent to access and view information relating to patients in an effortless and timely manner. Therefore, reducing frustrations when sourcing details for prescriptions and additional requests.

Additionally, the Deskpro system has improved the team’s daily workflow through automation and the smooth process of ensuring that each ticket and the appropriate information is organized and stored appropriately.

The Future

As The Specialist Pharmacy has been using Deskpro for a long time now, the Support team has an in-depth understanding of the system and its capabilities.

Therefore, they plan to continue utilizing Deskpro’s features to streamline its queries and provide exceptional service to its patients.