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MBPros handles billing for medical practices across the US

Medical Billing Professionals use Deskpro to provide customer support for its clients.

The Challenge

Medical Billing Professionals is a medical billing service provider that handles billing services for over 100 medical practices across the United States.

Steven Zats, Owner of MBPros, needed a helpdesk solution that would enable his team to work efficiently to answer clients’ tickets whilst also being HIPAA compliant. When he began searching for a helpdesk solution 7 years ago he came across Deskpro online.

“It’s worked really well for our purposes. We needed some customization which Deskpro was able to help us out with and the support was great.”

Steven explains how Medical Billing Professionals “deals with healthcare, so HIPAA is extremely important” for them in the States, and helpdesk software that could handle that was the main priority.

The Solution

To meet HIPAA compliance MBPros Cloud instance needed to be customized to manage how data is shared. This was essential to protect sensitive patient data.

The customization meant only generic email notifications are sent out to indicate a ticket has been created. So an agent has to log in to see the specifics of the ticket.
Steven Zats Owner

This customization meant that a Cloud deployment could meet Medical Billing Professionals’ HIPAA requirements.

The Benefits

In addition to being HIPAA compliant, MBPros find several features of the ticketing interface especially helpful for its day-to-day work. Steven explains how he uses SLAs to keep track of his team's performance. “If people don’t respond to a ticket within so many days, they get a notice. If they still don’t respond in so many more days, they get another one.”

Steven also finds Deskpro's customer support team efficient and communicative. “When we’ve raised issues, the support team has either corrected it immediately or given us a time frame for a resolution. And it is fixed within that time, and they follow up and notify us about it.”

The Future

Steven and his team have had positive experiences with Deskpro so far, and they look forward to using their helpdesk in their day-to-day operations: “I’m very happy with Deskpro. I have no interest in switching to anybody else.”