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Federal Public Defender Office boosted its support with Deskpro

After relying on Outlook for too long, the Federal Public Defender Office of the Southern District of Ohio decided to move on to a ticketing system to organize its communications.

The Challenge

The mission of the Federal Defender Office is to uphold the right to counsel guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, the Criminal Justice Act, and other congressional mandates.

The Federal Defender Office previously depended on just an email platform to handle all communication between themselves, colleagues, and clients. Like most teams that run support through an email platform, it lacked the ability to organize and manage all its lines of communication.

Brad Craley, a Senior Systems Admin, was part of the team that began the search for a helpdesk software solution. He recognized the issues being faced on a daily basis and the need for a change.

“We found that some messages would become lost or buried in the inbox. The teams were unable to view pending messages in a way that made going through requests simple.”

The Solution

After a rigorous testing process, the Federal Defender Office of Southern Ohio decided to go with Deskpro On-Premise, giving them complete control over all of their data. Once they had made the decision, the implementation took no time at all.

“Implementation was easy. Nothing difficult”

Apart from the fact that Deskpro offered them a choice of deployment, the Federal Defender Office team required many different ways to categorize and sort tickets. The use of these features meant that they could ensure that all their contacts and colleagues would not only receive a response but would also be sent within a reasonable timeframe.

Deskpro makes it easier to track everything, and open ticket emails aren't getting lost like they were in the past.
Brad Craley Senior Systems Admin

The Benefits

After moving to Deskpro, Brad and the team noticed how quickly issues were being responded to. This had an almost instant effect on the efficiency of the team and improved client relationships as tickets were no longer being missed or going unnoticed.

“Organization of tickets has been probably one of the highlights”

Another benefit from the move to Deskpro the team discovered was that supervisors could now keep track of how the team is doing. This increased transparency in the work and members of the team could easily ask for assistance with the full contact available to everyone, whilst supervisors can watch the progress on any tickets they may be interested in.

The Future

The future for Federal Defender Office while using Deskpro will be to continue to maximize the efficiency of replies.

Brad and the team are looking forward to moving away from depending on email systems and having everything contained in one place. The control the new helpdesk software has given Federal Public Defenders has enabled them to plan and scale their support teams for the future.