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Typeqast supports its clients' software with ease

Typeqast migrated to Deskpro as their previous helpdesk solution couldn't cater to their multi-channel and brand needs.








Split, Croatia




Software Development

The Challenge

Typeqast produce software for a number of clients and wanted a helpdesk that could provide customer support tailored to each clients’ needs. When Customer Support Manager, Luke Bryant, was setting up their support team he began searching the market for helpdesk software but he found that, “none of them really fulfilled what we were looking to achieve, customer support with a more personal approach.” But once he found Deskpro, “it seemed to be the solution we needed.” As Deskpro’s multi-branding capabilities allowed them to provide highly personalized support for each of their clients.

The support team at Typeqast had previously been using a JIRA solution to handle support requests, but found that it was lacking some additional features, so they also appreciated being able to provide support across multiple channels from one helpdesk.

“We like being able to have the Help Center and Chat feature as JIRA doesn’t have integrations for that, we liked having it all in one place.”

The Solution

Typeqast’s main priority was providing support services for the software they produce for their different clients. As such, a feature that Typeqast use extensively is multi-branding. They support their clients with different user-facing Help Centers, so there’s alternative content and support for each of the clients’ software uses. “We currently support six different customers and use the Help Center for all of them so we have personalized branding for each of those customers.”

Across these Help Centers they produce different guides and content to try and help their customers with any issues they might encounter, and “promote the live chat options and Help Center documentation” to effectively guide their customers to solutions. Luke and his team enjoy Deskpro’s guides feature: “the guides feature is one of my favorite things on Deskpro at the moment and our customers really love that also.”

Luke was also appreciative of the support they received during their onboarding with Deskpro, “The onboarding process was positive, I spoke with one of the customer support team and we had a couple of face to face calls where they walked us through the tools and how to use everything.”

The Benefits

Having extensive and personalized Help Centers means that Typeqast are able to have a vast database of knowledge to share with their customers when they encounter a problem. They have used the Guides interface to create in depth software guides for their products. “We can share information and documents with them and hopefully solve questions before they happen - or at least when we do get a bug reported we know what we’re dealing with straight away.”

They’ve also had a reduction in the number of tickets being created as they can effectively deflect repetitive customer questions by sending them to guides and knowledgebase articles that answer their question.

“The live chat is nice because it allows our customers to ask us questions rather than just creating tickets. Combining that with the use of documentation we can prevent tickets being created in the first place.”

As a customer, Typeqast enjoy being able to use messenger to get in contact with Deskpro’s support team. “Deskpro’s live chat is very useful as it means I can ask questions when I’m in the middle of doing something.”

Luke also likes how they are able to integrate their JIRA instances across other sections of their organization into Deskpro, “We use JIRA internally and Deskpro integrates really nicely with that which allows us to communicate with our teams properly.”

The Future

Luke’s goal is to provide the best support possible for his customers and Deskpro continues to be the best solution for Typeqast: “I want to make sure I’m providing the best service and Deskpro still provides what we’re looking for so I’m happy.”

As Typeqast grows and expands their business they need to have a helpdesk that can keep up with their every demand. “We have the potential to grow quite a lot. We’ve got a lot of customers for the next 24 months ahead of us where we could be integrating with some other tools.” And Deskpro provides the opportunity for them to create solutions for their customers, such as “providing a feedback portal for the client’s end-users, using an embed code to host it on their platform.”

Recently, Luke and his team have trialled Deskpro Horizon and are looking forward to migrating to the latest version of Deskpro: “I like the features, and the UI is a lot more intuitive. I believe migration will be quite a smooth process.”

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