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BOpartner needed to organize its customer support requests

BOpartner uses Deskpro to manage tickets and provide structured support to its clients.

The Challenge

BOpartner was unsatisfied with its previous software solution as it was “outdated and too expensive for what it was.” The team was encountering “problems with bugs” which led them to search for a new solution.

Lieven Embrechts, IT Solutions Architect for BOpartner, was recommended Deskpro by a partner company:

“They came across Deskpro and liked it a lot. We decided to take a look and I had the opportunity to evaluate it. It worked well so we imported our customers and we had a good experience of the services.”

The Solution

BOpartner migrated its customers and data into Deskpro and quickly got the helpdesk up and running.

“We use the helpdesk to manage our tickets and provide as professional a structure as we can. We also use the data for invoicing.”

Lieven also uses the reports app to manage the company’s data, “We use the stat builder for some reports, and I export the data for invoicing.” Reports allow Lieven to understand how his team is performing and the life cycle of its clients’ tickets in the helpdesk.

The Benefits

Lieven explains how Deskpro’s ticketing system benefits day-to-day operations. The team uses triggers and escalations “quite intensively.” The team at BOpartner can stay on top of the tickets through the many automation features available to them: “If tickets stay open too long or if the user doesn’t respond within a certain period of time; we created escalations for that.”

Lieven also takes advantage of the ability to cater escalations by different clients. “We distributed our clients so that escalations can do their job based on the importance of the client.” Meaning BOpartner is always able to stay up to date with clients.

The Future

Lieven looks forward to exploring APIs to integrate its other software into Deskpro, “I want to transfer data from one tool to another with the API I can query the data in our other software solutions.” BOpartner looks to develop more seamless data transfer between their software tools.