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Laboratory Testing Inc unified its internal support with Deskpro's software

Laboratory Testing integrated Deskpro to support its employees with our easy-to-use internal helpdesk software for its HR team.

The Challenge

Laboratory Testing Inc. is one of the largest full-service laboratories in the USA, servicing customers in a wide range of industries since 1984. As a growing company, a key challenge for Laboratory Testing was to find software for a reasonable price while providing a quality support system for its Human Resources department.

The HR team was overwhelmed with the quantity and complexity of daily workflows, having to manage numerous and frequent common requests. Therefore, it was imperative for Laboratory Testing to find an efficient and long-term solution.

The Solution

The search for a new helpdesk was far-reaching for Colin and Scott. They managed to whittle the decision down to Zendesk and Deskpro. Ultimately, they decided to go with Deskpro, because it provided Laboratory Testing with a customizable HR helpdesk that was scalable and didn’t come with expensive price plans.

Colin and the team have also notably benefited from the responsiveness of the support at Deskpro since they first started trialing the software.

The support team has been fantastic, they gave a great demo and went above and beyond to help us. They’re very knowledgeable and everyone got back to us in a really good time frame, making the implementation process easy.
Colin Jones IT Specialist

Colin and Scott, and the rest of the team, noticed the benefits immediately and with little transition difficulties.

“It was all fantastic. Everyone was able to pick up the system pretty quickly – because of the simple interface.”

The Benefits

Once Deskpro was being used by the HR team, they immediately noticed the difference. By utilizing the powerful automation tools that Deskpro offers, including macros, mass replying to tickets, and using triggers to align the internal helpdesk to existing processes, they started to save hours.

“Our HR group really enjoys using it. It simplified a lot of their daily workflow and automated a large portion of processes.”

Laboratory Testing has employed SLAs and ticket priority fields to help manage ticket queues. These features have empowered the team to set priority levels and choose to be alerted when something has been in the queue for some time.

“We set it so that if there's a deadline, we get alerted nearer to the due date. It is stuff like that really helps HR a lot.”

The Future

Laboratory Testing experienced such a positive response from the switch to Deskpro that they decided to expand its uses across other departments.

“Our HR group loves Deskpro, so I was very eager to switch my IT department over too.”

The all-in-one pricing of Deskpro ensured that it was easy to expand the software into new departments, with no unexpected costs for utilizing other features or channels.