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Active Directory

Streamline account management with Active Directory for flexible agent and user authentication.


Add reliable SMS to improve ticket workflow on your helpdesk.

Database Authentication

Use your own intranet database or existing web service as a source of credentials to log in to Deskpro.


Authorize your users and agents to login to the Help Center using Facebook credentials.


Our Github integration will help you track issues linked to tickets in real-time.

Google Analytics

Analyze traffic on your Help Center with our Google Analytics Integration.

Google Calendar

Synchronize your helpdesk with Google Calendar integration, streamline your workflows with event based triggers.


Gravatar makes conversations with your users more personable with profile images; ensure your teams can always put a face to a name.



Our Jira integration enables your support agents and engineers to work closely together and track issues with ease.

JSON Web Token

Log users in to Deskpro with your own code. With our JWT authentication helpdesk integration, it’s easy to log verified users in to Deskpro.


Use existing credentials for helpdesk login with the LDAP helpdesk integration for Deskpro. Enable LDAP authentication for users, agents or both.


Build your email lists and track engagement across support and marketing departments.

Microsoft Translator

Provide global support from your helpdesk with multi-lingual machine translation software from Microsoft.


True single-sing on with Okta helps you to manage user and agent account authentication.


With our OneLogin helpdesk integration managing accounts is easier.



Synchronize your support and sales teams with intelligent CRM processes for better customer experience and faster results.


Use your existing SAML account record credentials for login with the SAML helpdesk integration for Deskpro.

Share Widget

Encourage social sharing of your news and articles by adding a Share Widget to your Help Center content.


Simplify your sales and support with Deskpro's Shopify integration; one platform to create, manage and run your ecommerce business.


Streamline your workflows and bring Shortcut's project management functionality into Deskpro.


Communicate and collaborate across teams using Slack channels.


Allow agents to seamlessly collaborate on tasks with our Trello integration without having to leave your helpdesk.


Send automatic SMS with the Twilio helpdesk integration for Deskpro.


Allow your users and agents to sign-in to the Help Center using Twitter credentials.



Connect your helpdesk to 1000+ apps to automate countless tasks and actions.

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