Deskpro for Support

Build personal relationships with all your customers

Deskpro helps customer support teams across the world to deliver personal support to every single customer.

Manage all your conversations with customers from one place and leverage tools to prioritize issues and assign tickets to the right agents.

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Manage all your communication channels in one place.

Make your agents' lives easier and increase efficiency.

Meet KPIs, keep stakeholders happy and improve ticket satisfaction.

Maximize productivity by promoting communication and visibility.

Consolidate support across all your communication channels

Effortlessly manage every support issue raised via email, chat, social, voice, or on your website from a single, centralized system.


Every customer conversation is owned, transparent and resolvable.


Support your customers needs on a platform they trust.


Dynamic forms capture the relevant information your agents need.


Connect with customers & resolve issues in real-time on live chat.


Bring 21st century customer experience to your phone support.

shared inbox

Better email, with a shared inbox

Easily manage all your support emails, even when you use separate email addresses, within a single ticketing system. Deskpro helps you to understand exactly what you need to tackle next.

Everything in One Place

View customer conversations in full; complete with message history. Increase accountability and make sure issues don’t fall through the cracks.

Easily Prioritized Workflows

Filter, group, sort and label every ticket to organize your inbox, and see which customers need your attention next.

Real time support

Provide customers with live chat support that scales

Engage customers in real-time conversations with Deskpro Messenger and get to the root of problems immediately all whilst making your customers feel valued.

Chat Routing

Ensure that your customers speak to the right live chat agents who can solve their issues.

Multiple Chats

Deliver the same fast and personal support as a phone call, but at a fraction of the cost. Agents can handle multiple chats at once, so you can scale your support with ease.

Flexible Widget

Embed the Deskpro Messenger widget on any website, giving your customers everything they need in one small window.

Inbox management

Turn your agents into customer support superheroes

Your agents are the beating heart of your customer experience. Without engaged, happy and efficient agents, it’s almost impossible for your business to provide the support your customers really deserve.

Deskpro equips your agents with everything they need to deliver efficient and effective support to your customers.

Mass Actions

Quickly apply the same action to a number of tickets at once and stop wasting precious time clicking through each ticket one by one.


Inbuilt and customizable Queues ensure teams and individuals are accountable for customer requests. So that nothing falls into the abyss.


Find any ticket with our powerful global search tool so your critical information can always be found

Saved Search

Filter searches with the saved search function; which enables agents and admins to create search categories within the agent interface. Tickets are allocated to search categories by the preset query fields that determine where a ticket is stored.

pick up the phone

A call center built into your helpdesk

Deskpro Voice links your inbound and outbound calls with your tickets, in one system. No more going back and forth between separate platforms.

Whether you want to set up intelligent call trees or greet customers with customized messages, Deskpro makes it possible to manage, route, and handle calls with ease.

Auto-attendant & IVR

Streamline call routing for each phone number you own, ensuring that customers interacting with you reach the department that they want to speak to, fast.

Caller ID

Incoming calls display customer details. Providing agents with vital support information at their fingertips.

Call to Ticket

Answered calls automatically create tickets. Agents can write notes during the call and follow-up afterwards on the ticket.

be where your customers are

Support your customers needs, on their social platform of choice

Interact with your customers on the platform they use the most. Customer contributions to your social media pages become actionable tickets, which you can respond to from your helpdesk. No need for separate social media support software.

capture everything

All the information you need to collect on a single form

Capture precise information about your customers' issues, that your agents need to solve their problem, using custom form fields.


Embed forms into any webpage that you like, so that you can capture different information from separate locations.

Help Center

Create one form that dynamically changes on the same page, rather than sending customers to different contact forms.


Give customers a simple and fast form they can fill out from within the Messenger widget.


Do more with your data

Understand exactly what is going on in your helpdesk in real-time. Draw analytics from every action taken by agents and customers. Know how happy your customers are, which of your agents are performing well, and where you can make improvements to your support processes.

Explore Reporting


Custom Reports

Stat Builder

Ticket Satisfaction

multi-lingual support

Make it easy for your customers to love you, in any language

Build stronger relationships with customers across the world and provide multi-language localized support. Create articles in different languages, set up local phone numbers and track agent hours across timezones.

Whether you have a support team who speak multiple languages or you are looking for machine translation, Deskpro has you covered. Agents can communicate back and forth with customers in their own language.

be productive

Spend time on things that matter

Save agents hours of time by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks. Helpdesk tools in Deskpro bolster the quality of your support and help you exceed customer expectations.


Allow agents to send full and personalized answers to customer questions in just a few clicks. Canned responses drastically increase the number of tickets that can be responded to each day.

Read more about Snippets


Level up your common helpdesk processes using macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

Follow Ups

Ensure agents are doing everything they can to get a ticket to resolution. Set reminders and prompt agent activity with multiple time-based actions.

Read more about Follow Ups

We’re always referring people to our Knowledgebase that contains over 500 articles. Customers love it that they can help themselves at any time, day or night and our agents love it because it reduces the number of tickets we receive.

Mike Wray
President, Mariner Software
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automate it

Supercharge your ticketing system

Arm agents with powerful automation tools to increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of your support. Set automations once, and then let Deskpro do the hardwork.


Monitor your helpdesk response times with SLAs and automate actions to maintain high standards.


Powerful automations for manual work to make your helpdesk run smoothly and efficiently. Ensure that all tickets are replied to and nothing gets left behind.


Increase ticket urgency, re-assign tickets, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a defined period of time in specific state.

Ticket Routing/Round Robin

Choose how you want tickets to be distributed across your organization. Set rules to remove manually assigning tickets to agents.

sound less like a robot

Make support feel more human, even when it’s not

Auto Responder

Your customers don’t want to be reduced to a ticket number. Set up auto-response emails that are personalized and effective and let your customers know you are working on their issue. You can set up different responses for different types of queries, to keep it feeling personal.

self-service support

Help your customers around the clock

Make support quicker for customers and easier for agents with a 24/7 self-service Knowledgebase.

Deskpro helps you create, publish and manage all your self-service content from one place.

Help Center

Consolidate all your content onto a single platform, regardless of format. Pick and choose the configuration of content types that works for your organization and make it accessible to customers.


Provide customers with 24/7 access to answers in an online knowledgebase. Create an article once, that solves an issue for hundreds of customers in the future.

Ticket Deflection

Reduce incoming tickets by automatically suggesting relevant articles to customers before they submit a ticket. Giving your support team more time to fix high-priority issues that need extra attention.

My Tickets

Allow customers to manage their own tickets in the Help Center. Use authentication process so customers can log in securely, with no need for email.

Centralize support with unlimited multi-brands

Provide support to multiple independent brands, products, services or audiences with unique Help Centers you can manage from one software.

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Control & Productivity

Localized Content

IT, Legal, HR and Ops

customer relationship management

Discover what makes your customers unique

For an agent to provide the best response to a customer, they need context. Deskpro provides an in-built CRM, as well as integration with your own CRM system.

Customer information shown on tickets can be customized to show relevant details for your agents. Such as company, previous tickets, current open tickets, and any other notes.

Custom Fields

Collect the information that matters to you

Custom fields are the most flexible way to add extra information to tickets and store important data about your customers. Just choose the name of the field and the type of values it can store and you’re all set.

satisfaction survey

Listen, reflect, and improve

Your support team are the backbone of providing an exceptional customer experience. Satisfaction surveys provide direct feedback from customers, showing where your support team are thriving and where there's room for improvement.

Keep customers satisfied and boost employee morale by presenting agents with the impact they have on a daily basis.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility. Snippets make up a good 80% of each message that is sent back to users. It’s greatly reduced response times and improved the user experience.

Nam Nguyen
Director of Customer Success, Launchpad
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Helpdesk software that keeps you in mind

Deskpro’s helpdesk provides maximum functionality and is full of customizable components to help you create customer support experiences unique to your organization’s goals and needs.


Help agents find answers faster when they search by assigning labels to tickets.

Ticket Filters

Show agents which tickets need actioning and sort them according to your goals.

Urgency Scores

Assign an urgency score to tickets so agents know what needs attention.


Attach files to messages using simple drag and drop.


Determine exactly what individual agents can see and do on the helpdesk.

Mobile Apps

Access the helpdesk directly from your favorite devices.

International Agent Interface

Equip international support teams with a helpdesk that they can understand.


Control which helpdesk events notify you and your agents.

all the context you need

Get up to speed quickly and provide consistent support


Agents can use @mentions to ask for help, discuss, and make support decisions all within a single ticket protected from customer view. Notes form part of the ticket history, so it’s easier for other agents to find the necessary context they need to collaborate.

teamwork and collaboration

Great customer support is all about teamwork

Instant Messaging

Team up to resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently with open and collaborative messaging. Reducing the reliance on 3rd party messaging systems.

Instant Messaging is great for agents to have discussions with more senior agents via group or one-on-one chats.

Seamless helpdesk integrations

Deskpro makes it easy to integrate your helpdesk with the services and software you already use. Our library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations means you can pull information from other software, build your own or utilize our API.

Built-in Apps

Unified Login

Easy App Framework



Never miss a beat

Sometimes agents need help or there's more than one agent involved in solving an issue. By following a ticket, you can receive updates on its progress. Multiple followers can be added to a single ticket, perfect for a manager to track certain high priority issues.


Easily incorporate safeguards whilst streamlining processes

Streamline approval processes traditionally marred by bottlenecks and build visibility into your organization.

Agents can generate approval requests for customers or colleagues with just a few clicks. These are tracked and can be approved or rejected by the nominated approvers, who can leave notes supporting their decision.

Perfect for customers requesting refunds or something above and beyond the status quo.

How else can Deskpro help your organization?

for Publishing

Help your customers to help themselves with a 24/7 self-service help center and knowledgebase. Collaborate on articles and reduce tickets by providing answers to FAQs.

for IT, HR, Legal & Ops

Track recurring issues, manage agent time and solve customers questions on an internal & external helpdesk.

for Sales & CRM

Pursue your prospects across every outreach channel and build workflows to close more sales, faster.

As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise helpdesk. Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at.

Anthony Carter
Head of IT