Deskpro for Customer Support

- Build real relationships with your customers

Deskpro helps customer support teams across the world, just like yours, to deliver personal support to every single customer.

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Manage your customer communications from any channel in one place.

Increase agent efficiency and simplify workflows with powerful automations.

Offer 24/7 support with self-service and multi-branded Help Centers.

Maximize productivity by promoting communication and visibility.

Multi-Channel Helpdesk Software

Capture every message seamlessly

Consolidate support across every channel. Manage support requests effortlessly through one centralized system, whether it was raised via email, chat, social, voice, or contact form.


Every customer conversation is owned, transparent and resolvable.


Support your customers needs on a platform they trust.


Dynamic forms capture the relevant information your agents need.


Connect with customers & resolve issues in real-time on live chat.


Bring 21st century customer experience to your phone support.

Seamless shared inbox support

No matter how your customers contact you, your helpdesk will automatically and efficiently categorize and consolidate all your tickets.

We always refer people to our Knowledgebase with over 500 articles. Customers love that they can help themselves day or night and our agents love that it reduces the number of tickets we receive.
Mike WrayPresident

Complex Workflow Automations

Automate your work in a flash

Boost your ticket resolution rate with global and micro automations that increase productivity.

Supercharge your support system

Save valuable agent time and exceed customer expectations by automating manual and routine tasks.

Equip support staff with productivity tools

Arm agents with powerful automation tools to increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of their support.

Extend your support with your favorite apps

Integrate your helpdesk with services and software you already use from our library of bespoke apps

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility. Snippets make up a good 80% of each message that is sent back to users. It’s greatly reduced response times and improved the user experience.
Nam NguyenDirector of Customer Success, Launchpad

self-service support

Help your customers help themselves

Let customers conveniently self-serve information from a 24/7 accessible Help Center & Knowledgebase.

Deskpro helps you create, publish and manage all your support content from one place.

Manage multiple brands from the same interface

Provide support across different brands, products, services or audiences with unique user-facing Help Centers you manage within Deskpro.

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We currently support six different customers and use the Help Center for all of them so we have personalized branding for each of those customers.
Luke BryantCustomer Support Manager

customer relationship management

Discover what makes your customers unique

Give agents context with Deskpro's in-built CRM to help them provide the best support. Plus you can integrate it with your own CRM system.

Custom fields are the most flexible way to add extra information customer records. You can customize what data you want to show and see their previous interactions with your helpdesk.

Do more with your data

Draw analytics from every action taken by agents and know how happy your customers are in real-time.


Visualize the data and metrics that matter most to your organization on custom or in-built dashboards, you can create separate dashboards for your different brands, products, services or locations.

Custom Reports

Use simple DPQL query language to build and share custom reports with any helpdesk metrics you want, when you have the exact data you can find what works well and where you can improve.

Stat Builder

Run dynamic visualization reports using almost any helpdesk metrics and criteria you can imagine to build reports for your dashboards.

Ticket Satisfaction

Monitor customer satisfaction from satisfaction surveys or ticket feedback. Agents gain an understanding of their performance, where they do well and where there is room for improvement.

Great customer support is all about teamwork

Team up to resolve customer issues effectively with a helpdesk that simplifies collaboration.

The interface is so useful and easy to understand, Deskpro is one of the easiest helpdesk softwares I have used.
Darren BanfiSenior IT Security Analyst

Helpdesk software that keeps you in mind

Deskpro’s helpdesk provides maximum functionality and is full of customizable components to help you create customer support experiences.


Help agents find answers faster when they search by assigning labels to tickets.

Ticket Filters

Show agents which tickets need actioning and sort them according to your goals.

Urgency Scores

Assign an urgency score to tickets so agents know what needs attention.


Attach files to messages using simple drag and drop.


Determine exactly what individual agents can see and do on the helpdesk.


Control which helpdesk events notify you and your agents.

How else can Deskpro help your organization?

for Publishing

Help your customers to help themselves with a 24/7 self-service help center and knowledgebase. Collaborate on articles and reduce tickets by providing answers to FAQs.

for IT, HR, Legal & Ops

Track recurring issues, manage agent time and solve customers questions on an internal & external helpdesk.

for Sales & CRM

Pursue your prospects across every outreach channel and build workflows to close more sales, faster.