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NHS NOE CPC needed a responsive help desk

Deskpro helps NOE CPC to manage procurement inquiries from its public sector clientele.

The Challenge

NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) was previously using a support system that had been built-for-purpose on a SharePoint platform but found that it was reaching the limit of its usability given the number of cases that the help desk was dealing with on a weekly basis.

Neil Davis, Procurement Support Manager, explained how "we found that the system slowed down and became unresponsive as the number of cases we were dealing with increased; which also affected the speed in which we could extract data for reporting."

This led Neil and his team to begin a search for a more suitable help desk software.

"We wanted a built-for-purpose ticketing system and Deskpro was listed on the Crown Commercial Service G Cloud Framework. We knew Deskpro was used by a number of central government organizations.”

The Solution

The team at NOE CPC mainly uses its Deskpro instance for the ticketing functionality, Neil explains how ticketing automations help day-to-day workflow “highlighting when a case has reached a certain point on an SLA where we need to get back to the customer and resolve their query.”

A priority for Neil was that the help desk could be integrated into its existing systems: “One of the advantages of going with Deskpro was the integration potential.” NOE CPC wanted a system that could integrate with Microsoft Power BI so the API could pull data from the help desk into its own reporting system.

The Benefits

Since using Deskpro, Neil has seen “a noticeable improvement in the services that we have been able to provide to our customers.” The team has found that whilst still receiving a number of inquiries coming into the help desk on a daily basis, Deskpro has enabled them to “get a handle on inquiries and better track the tickets with SLAs.” Neil finds there is “much more clarity with regards to the type of tickets customers are sending and visibility of their history.”

For Neil’s team moving from its previous solution to Deskpro involved learning a new piece of software, however, the team found using “the documentation in Deskpro’s knowledge base was really good for the onboarding process” and the team soon found their footing.

Deskpro has helped us improve our response times and the quality of the responses we have been able to give our customers.
Neil Davis Procurement Support Manager

The Future

The NOE CPC hopes to “expand their service in the near future” and looks forward to “launching our Help Center, using Single Sign On processes to fully implement their knowledge base.”

Neil also appreciates regular software updates, “I’m always keen on trying to have a better looking system, especially if it’s easier to navigate.”