Sales & CRM

Nurture your leads. Close more sales.

Deskpro helps sales teams all over the world to close more sales, faster, by tracking the lifecycle of all your deals and automating personalized communications across a crm ticketing system.

Meaningful Relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of sales leads when you get the full picture.

Unified Communication

Manage communication with prospects across email, phone, live chat or social.

Combine Sales & Support

Seamlessly convert your prospects to customers on one platform.

Data Informed Decisions

Measure growth metrics to understand deal flows and rep performance.

Relationship Management

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers

Deskpro's CRM ticketing system allows you to build a meaningful and accurate picture of every new lead and customer.

Custom Fields

Store specific and important information about prospects for your sales reps. Sales Managers can define the custom fields that are specifically needed.


Share and view notes about individual prospects so reps can collaborate on deals.


Help prospects and reps find answers faster when they search by assigning labels to published content on your Help Center.


Attach files and documents to prospect's records. Keep everything relevant in one place so that sales reps don’t have to go searching for information.

Ticket History

Give your sales team the visibility to see the full conversation history for prospects and deals. Become the one source of truth for sales.


Always put a face to a name. Deskpro automatically populates prospect’s avatars, so that you can have friendly ‘face-to-face’ conversations, even over email.

We help teams all over the world understand their customers

It's nice to be able to customize Deskpro the way we needed; I set up departments and labels to fit our needs.
Mark FrankfurtFounder & CEO
We manage a number of separate brands and when it comes to tracking we can see how customers interact with them. This allows us to trace different entry points across our organization.
Matt GoldfarbExecutive Director of Technical Support
With Deskpro, I can run reports on pretty much anything and keep an eye on how my team is doing in real-time.
Andrew WeissDirector of LTL Operations
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connect the dots

Instantly find out who’s who

Create a detailed view of the organizations your customers belong to.

Domain Recognition

Users who contact your helpdesk using an email with a registered domain will be automatically linked to their organization.

Full Picture

Apply labels, custom fields and notes to each organization, or see entire ticket history at-a-glance.

Positions and Roles

Assign positions to individual customers within each organization for a detailed and contextual view of who your customers are.


Scale your sales efforts into new markets

Improve sales reach instantly, and let your prospects love you in every language.

Deskpro's built-in translation helps you connect with customers worldwide, even without a multi-lingual team.

Deskpro really has been a much better platform than any of the other CRMs we tried.
Mark FrankfurtFounder & CEO

Unified Communication

A helpdesk equipped with the tools your Sales team needs to soar

Provide your sales team with a helpdesk that enables multi-channel selling alongside powerful integrations with sales systems that they know and love.

Integrate Deskpro with your current tech stack

Seamlessly integrate your helpdesk with over a thousand apps and integrations that you already use to make your daily work management simple.

Built-in Apps

Benefit from a library of over a thousand bespoke apps and integrations.

Unified Login

Let your agents log in with ease using Deskpro's SSO methods.

Easy Framework

Easily code your own apps using simple Javascript and HTML.


Retrieve, create and update data or integrate with systems.

Already have an existing CRM?

Effortlessly and automatically import data from your existing applications or systems.

Deskpro comes with a full range of apps, integrations and tools that allow you to import customer data from other sources.

Routinely auto sync new customers from Active Directory and LDAP, import spreadsheet data, or integrate with CRM applications like Salesforce for seamless population.

Have conversations across any channel

Engage with warm or cold prospects using their preferred communication channel. Increase your conversions with multi-touch and multi-channel activity that makes connecting simple.


Easily manage all your emails within a single system. View conversations with prospects in full; complete with message history and ensure that deals don’t fall through the cracks.


Organize your incoming leads with dynamic custom forms and fields that capture the precise information your sales rep will need to convert decision makers.


Interact with your customers on the platform they love the most. Customer contributions to your social media pages become actionable tickets, which you can respond to from your helpdesk.


Nurture meaningful inbound and outbound relationships with Deskpro. Give your team the tools to speak with prospects, record calls, make notes and see all of the history in one system.


Initiate conversations with potential customers as they browse your website so that they don’t leave empty handed. Agents can handle multiple chats at once, so you can scale your sales efforts with ease.

Sell from anywhere

Stay on top of deals and connect with prospects any time, from anywhere.

Access sales and CRM features on the go with Deskpro iOS and Android apps.

Simple Interface

Our intuitive design enables efficient pipeline management from mobile.

Customer Info

View and edit customer and organization profiles directly from the app.

Instant History

View the history of your interactions with prospects.

Organized Tickets

Filter and order your conversations and customize your lists.

Coming soon

Improve sales processes with visual tools

Kanban helps your sales reps visualize and track the sales cycle.

Help your team control and track each lead more efficiently and boost your selling capabilities with customizable Kanban boards.

Save time

Never miss a revenue opportunity again

Eliminate repetitive and routine tasks by creating convenient time-saving features to bolster the quality of your engagement.


Let your reps reply with super-fast canned responses at scale to regular questions from prospects.

Follow Ups

Prompt your sales reps and set reminders to ensure agents are doing everything they can to get a deal over the line.


Simply automate your common processes with macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

It became a real struggle to provide customer service using Outlook and we felt that we were dropping the ball, which is never a good thing.
Andrew WeissDirector of LTL Operations

Unite Sales & Support

Convert prospects to customers with a unified sales and support effort

You can develop meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers on a platform that unites support and sales.

Generate more leads and outbound opportunities

Create email templates that can be personalized to include merge tags. Log all email contacts and add or remove prospects from campaign sequences with just a click.

Email Sequences

Create email sequences that can be customized to each deal and automate follow ups.

GDPR Compliance

Deskpro gives you tools so all your communications with potential new customers are GDPR compliant.

Keep everyone focused and selling all year round

Build robust sales workflows. Create, assign and track tasks linked to tickets, prospects, organizations and deals that help keep your reps organized and on time.

Ramp up your support to resolve tickets quicker

Combine in-depth records with global actions to unify your sales and support efforts, so sales reps can focus on converting leads.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility. It’s greatly reduced response times and improved the user experience.
Nam NguyenDirector of Client Implementations

Powerful reporting interface

Analyze your sales performance and understand trends in real-time

Take the guess work out of reporting and build unlimited custom dashboards for your team. Use our in-built reports for easy sales forecasting or create custom reports on any metric across Deskpro.


Use in-built dashboards or create custom ones to monitor the data that matters to you.

Custom Reports

Use simple DPQL query language to build and share custom reports.

Stat Builder

Run dynamic visualization reports against almost any helpdesk metrics and criteria.

Ticket Performance

Get reports sent directly to your inbox to share daily updates on performance.

The only time and billing system your sales team needs

Track billable agent time for accurate reporting or flat-rate charges associated with each customer or organization.

Clear Tracking

Get a clearer picture of the services your agents are providing and the time charges.

Simple Invoicing

Charge customers based on the support or time they need and generate invoices directly for customers.

Instant Reports

Easily view your time and billing logs on your customized dashboards, reports, and shareable stats.

I like that the DPQL is similar to the SQL language for generating a query, so it’s not super complicated.
Matteo FerroniCo-Founder & CTO