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Ganesh Hosting wanted helpdesk software it could tailor to its needs

Ganesh Hosting's support capabilities were limited by its previous helpdesk solution, so it moved to a helpdesk that wouldn't restrict its team.

The Challenge

Ganesh Hosting is responsible for providing over 500,000 companies with advanced hosting servers and solutions. So Ganesh can deliver reliable and consistent support to its clients, it is necessary to ensure everything is running without fault, including its own helpdesk software.

Ganesh had a previous helpdesk solution but found that its application did not feel like a finished product. Simon Hintermann, an IT Engineer at Ganesh, was part of the team that began the search for a new helpdesk.

The Solution

After realizing that the team wanted more out of the helpdesk, time was spent searching for helpdesk options that would be a good match. Once Ganesh found Deskpro it became evident that it could personalize processes for agents, which would help to streamline responses.

“Comparatively, it's a much more complete product. We can do almost anything we can think of with Deskpro.”

As personalization of projects is a crucial part of what Ganesh Hosting offers, the fact that there was not the ability to customize the previous helpdesk in a way that would make it easy for agents to use, felt wrong.

Deskpro was a good fit because it has many, many, many ways to configure it. We could get the helpdesk set up exactly how we wanted.
Simon Hintermann IT Engineer

The Benefits

As the support team for Ganesh is an independent team, it was important that using and setting up any new software is intuitive and does not require assistance. Deskpro offers a wide range of documentation which has allowed the team at Ganesh to remain independent and able to answer queries as soon as they arise, and in their own time.

“The documentation is very complete and easy to follow, which made setting up our helpdesk system really easy.”

After moving to Deskpro, Ganesh has been able to set up automatic procedures for when specific tickets get received. This allows them to spend more time on the personal tickets that do take up the time and on higher-value clients.

An additional benefit of Deskpro is the mobile app that is on offer. This allows the agents to make their helpdesk portable and offer assistance even if they are not able to be in the office.

“The mobile apps are very cool. We use them a lot for when we are away from our desks, or out of the office.”

The Future

As Deskpro offers so much customization, Simon plans to tweak different workflows that match the variety of the hosting solutions that Ganesh offers as they expand.

The team is also looking at the possibility of adding more channels of communication into the helpdesk, alongside email.