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Scribetech keeps client data secure with compliant software

Scribetech required a highly secure ticket management system to serve its Manchester-based team, alongside numerous agents working internationally.

The Challenge

Scribetech works in partnership with the NHS and independent Health sector organizations to deliver digital dictation, speech recognition, clinical transcription, and clinical coding services. It provides meticulously accurate and cost-effective services to its partners, with security an absolute priority.

Scribetech operations are based primarily in the United Kingdom and India. It needed a ticketing system that could be hosted on its local servers due to UK rules around patient confidentiality. Glenn Jackson, IT Support Engineer, was put in charge of finding a new solution.

“We were using another helpdesk software, but we had to stop using it because it wasn’t compliant with current legislation surrounding healthcare data.”

With members of the team spread across continents collaboration can be challenging, so it was vital that any helpdesk considered provided a tight communication platform between agents and allowed tickets to be shared seamlessly.

The Solution

As healthcare regulations around data protection are so strict, Scribetech needed an On-Premise solution that could be hosted locally, giving complete control of its client's patient data.

“Out of the on-premise helpdesk software options, Deskpro stood out. When we started looking for a solution Deskpro ticked all the boxes in terms of features.”

As Glenn began testing Deskpro, he realized how easy it was to configure and customize and how it would impact the team on a daily basis.

The Benefits

Glenn is part of the Support team that uses Deskpro every single day. Being able to customize the views and have an overview of all of the support activities across multiple continents was something that Scribetech didn’t have previously.

“Deskpro gives me a complete overview of everything. I have customized my view so that I can see exactly what is going on.”

The internal messaging feature in Deskpro has enabled the teams at Scribetech to streamline communications with each other, from Greater Manchester to Bangalore. When urgent issues arise, the Internal Messaging has proved invaluable for Glenn and his team.

The internal instant messaging is a great help. Obviously, we do communicate through tickets but if there is anything urgent you can jump on the instant messenger straight away.
Glenn Jackson IT Support Engineer

The Future

Since Scribetech started using Deskpro, there has been a number of improvements that have been made to Deskpro.

“We’re really happy with Deskpro. It does everything we want it to do, and more! Ticket insights are a great way for us to see a snapshot of the helpdesk.”

As Scribetech continues to grow within the UK healthcare market, it can be happy in the knowledge that its helpdesk software is compliant, well supported, and always looking to improve.