Deskpro for Publishing

Give customers the answers, before they need to ask

Deskpro helps you create, publish and manage all your self-service content from one place. Keep customers happy with 24/7 access to articles and FAQs, reducing incoming tickets to your agents.

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Allow customers to help themselves by offering them a library of resources.

Keep customers updated by collecting and responding to community feedback.

Consolidate all your content in one place and control what is viewable by whom.

Publishing and support capabilities on one single helpdesk platform.

Consolidated Content

Manage content in a single platform customized to your needs with Help Center

Regardless of format, consolidate all your content in a single platform that can be made accessible to all customers. Pick and choose the configuration of content types that works for your organization.

Help yourself

Empower your customers with a Knowledgebase

Help your customers to help themselves by publishing articles & FAQs that address their most common customer problems and questions.
Make it easy for customers to find the help they need by categorizing and grouping knowledgebase articles.
Publish articles rich with editing functionalities that help your customers find answers they need.

find answers

Make finding the right answer easy for everyone

Customers want to solve problems on their own. Reduce the effort using a Knowledgebase takes by helping customers quickly find solutions to their problems the first time they access your content.

Deskpro's intelligent search features make it easy for your content to shine

Search Words

Ensure important content is always included in the top of search results by assigning frequently used and relevant keywords to articles.


Organize your library of content and help customers and agents find answers faster when they search by assigning labels to published content.

Related Content

Increase discoverability of content and ensure that when customers are searching for questions, they’ll discover your answers first. Articles are optimized for search engines and related content can be linked.


Create a structured knowledgebase with unlimited sub-category nesting to put your content where you want it.

Place the same article in multiple sub-categories, great for large and small content libraries.

Instant search

Give customers instant answers with powerful search across the whole Knowledgebase. Intelligent search suggests articles as they're typing.

Make finding answers easy

Customers are able to quickly locate the articles they need and find the answers they're looking for.

Solve any problem

Once your customers have found the answers they need they can rate how helpful your article was; giving you valuable feedback about your Knowledgebase.


Embed your Help Center anywhere

When customers use the widget they will be directed towards your knowledgebase articles so they can browse for their own answer; it enables your customers to access your Help Center from any pages you choose to embed it on.

Make your Help Center content easier to interact with for you customers, wherever is convenient with them. Encouraging self-service can help reduce the strain on your agents and can increase the efficacy of your support platform.

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content that shines

Delight your customers with friendly and personalized support at scale

Improve the quality of your content by choosing a publishing platform where you can provide customers with more than just a plain word document.




Custom Fields

Embedded Media

PDF & Print Articles

Guide your customers to greatness

Sometimes the best way to help your customers solve a problem is to hold their hand, but that can be time consuming for agents. Guides allow you to structure self-service content providing customers with a step-by-step walkthrough of your product or service. So you can help your customers solve their own problems, without taking up your agents time.

Explore Guides

drag and drop

Effortless navigation

A live drag and drop management system allows agents to easily manage how the content will appear to your customers.

Within each guide, it’s possible to create nested topics with a hierachy of volumes, chapters and pages.

So that all information in Guides is organized effectively and allows for easier customer navigation.


Centralize the secure sharing and storing of Files

Make files available to your customers and agents, whether it is a pdf, a brochure, a software application or driver.

Deskpro provides you with the ability to host files within Knowledgebase articles, Guides and News. It also has a dedicated file storage area for your external or internal customers.

We’re always referring people to our Knowledgebase that contains over 500 articles. Customers love it that they can help themselves at any time, day or night and our agents love it because it reduces the number of tickets we receive.

Mike Wray
President, Mariner Software
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Connect and engage your customers with up-to-date News

Keep customers constantly engaged and in-the-know by communicating the most recent news, blog posts and announcements.


Organize news posts into categories to communicate specific types of content and quickly distinguish them with colors.

Cover Images

Add images to news posts to provide context and a captivating preview.


Ensure your customers never miss an update

Subscriptions allow customers to be notified via email of any new articles, changes and updates to the knowledgebase.

Individual articles, categories and the whole Knowledgebase can be subscribed to, along with News and Community content.


Keep content consistent and fresh

Avoid confusing customers and save time by building structure and consistency into content.


Ensure that your news posts use the same format. Agents can create templates for different purposes and save time by using them again and again.

Freshen Up Stale Content

Choose when you want content to be reviewed by your team, keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

quality content

Publishing made easy

Author content using rich and easy-to-use publishing with HTML. Moderate content with the ability to draft, approve, publish, and archive articles.


Discover what customers really think through feedback on Community

Nurture customer engagement and strengthen relationships by providing a transparent place to crowdsource ideas. Allow customers to see, comment and vote on topics most important to them. Provide a roadmap to track progress of responses to feedback and show customers you are listening to them.

Channels & Topics

Decide how you want to collect ideas. Engage your customer base and organize your Community area with varying Topics. Used for internal and external feedback.


Customers and agents can vote on the feedback they think is most useful, allowing you to prioritize improvements.

Status Updates

Use custom feedback statuses so customers can see when you’re planning on implementing a suggestion or not.


Promote collaboration with your customers

Improve engagement by allowing customers to provide you with feedback, enabling customers to collaborate, discuss and help each other to solve issues.


Customers can reply to content and to other customers, as well as upvote comments deemed most valuable to discussions.


Keep your community free of spam and offensive content by reviewing comments and topics before they are published.


Delight customers of any language with friendly localized content at scale

Speak the language of your customers and build stronger relationships across the world by publishing articles in different languages.


Maintain your brand identity with full customization

Just because you have support content, it doesn’t mean that it should look dull. A familiar branded content platform helps your audience feel safe and increases trust in your brand.

Set your own color scheme, logo and header image to reflect your brand - with an easy-to-use template system and CSS.

Centralize support across your different brands

Provide support to multiple independent brands, products, services or audiences with unique Help Centers you can manage from one software platform.

Image two
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Control & Productivity

Localized Content

IT, Legal, HR and Ops

We heavily vetted several applications, and found Deskpro was the right choice to support our multi-branding needs. Customers contacting us via different brands automatically get connected to the most appropriate agents.

Matt Goldfarb
Executive Director of Support
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The right content for the right audience

With Deskpro you can make content available for internal and external use on the same Help Center.

Agent Permissions

Specify permissions to limit what content customers can view. Permissions may also be set up for internal knowledge management such as employee training, answering HR questions or storing important documents on the same self-service support site as customer FAQs.


Seamlessly integrate your knowledgebase and helpdesk software

Your Help Center content can all be used by your agents to solve customer and end user questions. By creating an article once, it can solve an issue for hundreds of customers in the future.

Ticket Replies

Access Knowledgebase articles when replying to tickets and help customers by linking them to relevant articles.

Ticket Deflection

Reduce pressure on agents by automatically suggesting relevant articles to customers before they submit a ticket.


Turn your most common questions into a resource for new content

Keep your Knowledgebase up to date and your customers in the loop whilst reducing tickets for your agents.

Ticket to Article

Turn tickets into pending articles, instantly populating the article with content from that ticket.

Ticket to Community Post

Turn tickets into discussion topics in order to collect feedback and decide next steps for prioritization.

How else can Deskpro help your organization?

for Support

Improve your personal relationships and keep your customers happy by providing faster & better quality support.

for IT, HR, Legal & Ops

Track recurring issues, manage agent time and solve customers questions on an internal & external helpdesk.

for Sales & CRM

Pursue your prospects across every outreach channel and build workflows to close more sales, faster.

Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.

Mohamed Jad Amouri
Senior Lead IT Engineer