Self-Service Support Software

Help customers to help themselves

Deskpro keeps customers happy with access to 24/7 support content.

Create, publish and manage your self-service content from one place.

Self-Service Support
Allow customers to help themselves by offering them a library of resources.
Engage Customer Feedback
Keep customers updated by collecting and responding to your community.
Organize Your Content
Consolidate your content in one place and control what is viewable by whom.
Fully Integrated Help Desk
Publishing and support capabilities on one single help desk platform.

Thousands of companies rely on Deskpro's publishing features

We've created a support Help Center and that's been a wonderful feature for our customers to use.
Sarah Kippernes Head of Support
The guides feature is one of my favorite things on Deskpro and our customers really love it too.
Luke Bryant Customer Support Manager
50% of inquiries were questions people could answer themselves, making the implementation of a knowledge base priceless.
David Brooks 247Time, Leicestershire
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Manage all your content from one platform

Publish your support content onto a comprehensive, unified support platform. Reduce the workload placed on your agents and enable customers to find answers 24/7.

Help Center

Configure different types of content across the Help Center to meet your needs. Host all your content on your Help Center, and customize the design and permissions to suit your requirements.

Make finding the right answer easy for everyone

Reduce the effort using a Knowledge Base takes by helping customers find solutions to their problems quickly, the first time they access your content.

Let customers search your content in real-time

Intelligent search suggests relevant articles as the customer starts submitting a ticket, reducing the number of tickets raised.

Rich text editor makes creating content painless

Deskpro's editor lets you author content in plain text, no need for complicated markdown. Create content and publish it straight to your Help Center.

Delight customers with your publishing features

Improve the quality of your content by choosing a publishing platform that provides more than just a plain text document.

The right content for the right audience

With Deskpro you can make content available for internal and external users on the same Help Center; specify permissions to limit what content customers can view.

Creating documentation helps to prevent tickets being created in the first place.
Luke Bryant Customer Support Manager

Interactive Help Center

Engage with customers through your Help Center

Keeping customers informed about your support content lets them self-serve more efficiently, increasing the efficacy of your support platform.

Promote collaboration with your customers

Improve engagement by allowing customers to provide you with feedback, enabling customers to collaborate, discuss and help each other to solve issues.

Your Knowledge Base is accessible everywhere

Customers can browse your Help Center content from the Messenger widget, wherever you embed it, making it easy for them to find answers to queries in a flash.

Ensure your customers never miss an update

Subscriptions allow customers to be notified via email of any new articles, changes and updates to the knowledge base software.

Individual articles, categories and the whole Knowledge Base can be subscribed to, along with News and Community content.

We always refer people to our Knowledge Base with over 500 articles. Customers love that they can help themselves day or night and our agents love that it reduces the number of tickets we receive.
Mike Wray President

Provide unique content for all of your products from one help desk

Align your Help Center with your branding using Deskpro's intuitive editing and design tools to create familiar and consistent content and increase trust in your brand.


You can create unique support content across different user-facing Help Centers to provide support to multiple independent brands, products, services or audiences all managed from one help desk platform.

Customize your Help Center to fit your brand

Set your own color scheme, logo and header image to reflect your brand - with an easy-to-use template system and CSS.

Publishing made easy

Author content using rich and easy-to-use HTML.

Moderate content with the ability to draft, approve, publish, and archive articles.

Solve any problem

When you are aware of how useful your content is then you can make informed decisions about revisions and improvements.

Once your customers find the answers they need they can rate how helpful your content was so you know exactly how effective your Help Center is.
You can report on the feedback you receive on your Help Center content which helps you to know where improvements or more clarity is needed.
Find out more about Deskpro's reporting
We heavily vetted several applications and found Deskpro was the right choice to support our multi-branding needs. Customers contacting us via different brands automatically get connected to the most appropriate agents.
Matt Goldfarb Executive Director of Support


Integrated knowledge base software

Your Help Center content can solve customer and end-user questions. Creating an article once can solve an issue for hundreds of customers in the future with integrated knowledge base software.

Turn common questions into new resources

Keep your Knowledge Base up to date and customers in the loop; while reducing tickets for your agents.