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Impelsys effortlessly supports multiple brands from one helpdesk

Impelsys provides support for publishing companies and needed to expand its support capabilities with multi-channel and standardize its level of support.

The Challenge

Before implementing Deskpro, the customer support team at Impelsys didn’t use any specific tools apart from a basic email application to answer customer support emails.

When Roshan Vinayan became customer support lead at Impelsys, the first thing that he did was to look for a ticketing tool that could help bring all of the emails into one system and allow them to be handled effectively.

“The primary challenge for us was that our company wasn’t streamlined. Agents would open emails in Gmail or Outlook and forget to respond on time, slowing down the conversation and not providing a great experience for our clients.”

Apart from streamlining ticketing, Rohan wanted a tool that could provide multi-branded help centers, restrictions over support content on the knowledgebase, easy use for agents, and well-structured snippets.

The Solution

Impelsys were initially undecided between the Cloud and On-Premise deployment options of Deskpro. However, the lure of having the software maintenance and hosting taken care of, provided Rohan and his team with peace of mind. The team could let Deskpro handle the infrastructure, allowing Impelsys to focus solely on providing its customers with great support.

“We wanted maximum up-time and zero hassle so opting for Deskpro’s cloud helpdesk was an easy decision.”

From the outset, the key feature that would allow Impelsys and iPublishCentral to scale their support in the right way, was the ability to create multi-brand help centers, all linked to one centralized helpdesk.

We tried OSTicket, Freshdesk and a few others, but none of them provided the flexibility and full multi-brand compatibility that Deskpro does.
Roshan Vinayan Project Manager

With over 100 branded help centers set up by Impelsys for its clients, providing customers with an effective knowledgebase and the ability to send personalized emails was top of its list.

Each brand has its own support email addresses and branded response, so the customer is unaware that its request is being handled in a central system alongside hundreds of other content brands that iPublishCentral work with.

The Benefits

Most of the customer support questions that Impelsys receive are very similar and require the customer to follow preset instructions.

“Previously, our agents would have to constantly re-write the same answers to different customers, multiple times a day. Now with Deskpro snippets, the agents just select the correct canned response, personalize it and send it straight across to the customer.”

This has helped Impelsys to provide snappy responses to clients as well as reduce agent errors. Initially, when Impelsys began using Deskpro, they weren’t used to having a tool that could run reports on metrics across the whole helpdesk and support team.

“Even though we had tested Deskpro thoroughly before purchasing, we were still shocked at the depth that the reporting tools could go.”

Most of the reporting initially used was around the SLAs for ticket responses. Using Deskpro helps Impelsys to respond to 94% of tickets within 1 hour. They also have SLAs to close tickets between 24 and 48 hours of the inquiry.

The Future

Moving forward with its helpdesk platform, Rohan and the team at Impelsys have been recommending Deskpro to all customers, especially technology services.

“We have actually recommended Deskpro to all of our clients as a helpdesk and customer support software. It has worked wonders for us, hopefully, it can do the same for our clients”

Impelsys are focused on increasing its client base and in turn, the number of different brands that can be supported. The scalability of the Deskpro platform has enabled its global teams to grow with the product and continue to provide outstanding customer support to multi-brands across the world.

“Being able to use all the features of Deskpro and pay one flat price has made scaling our team simple.”