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ESWA serves its local elder community using Deskpro

The ESWA migrated to Deskpro to provide IT support for its staff and the elderly and disabled members of the community.

The Challenge

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESWA began distributing smartphones and other technology to its elderly and disabled residents to make it easier for them to contact doctors and reduce feelings of isolation.

The Elder Services of Worcester Area found its previous help desk solution was limiting its ability to provide customer support whilst maintaining an internal IT system. This led IT Manager, Nick Martunas, to search for a new help desk:

“We needed a separate ticketing system for supporting the elderly members of our community alongside our internal IT ticketing system.”

ESWA had used other services but found they did not meet its needs, Nick explains how they “started off with Spiceworks, then we went to FreshService, they were good but too pricey as anything we were looking for was an add on, with Deskpro everything was included in just the base pricing.”

The Solution

Ultimately the team at ESWA went with Deskpro due to its multi-branding capabilities:

“We chose Deskpro because it has the capability to have separate uses included in the service, with others you had to pay for a full separate service.”

Whilst they take advantage of the multi-branding functionality, its main use is still the ticketing system:

We mainly use the ticketing system for our IT team, day-to-day. But we have created articles and guides on their Help Center for staff to submit different requests.
Nick Martunas IT Manager

The Benefits

Nick and his team have found that using Deskpro has streamlined workflow processes, such as “When a staff member needs to order technology, they go to the Help Center instead of sending us an email because there are specific questions we need them to answer and this way we can drive responses.” Implementing its own processes has enabled the ESWA to work more efficiently and reduce the number of unnecessary tickets being created.

Nick's team also use the Help Center for other types of internal support; “We also use the Help Center for when HR hires someone, we have forms stored for all their information to make their new employee accounts.”

In addition, the ESWA benefits from Deskpro’s support team, Nick notes that “the Deskpro support team are responsive, we usually get something back within an hour.”

The Future

In the coming months, the Elder Services of Worcester Area look forward to migrating to Deskpro Horizon, as Nick explains “I like new technology, I prefer to implement it sooner rather than later.”