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Maximize efficiency and supercharge your support with internal help desk software for IT teams.

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Built by IT experts, for IT experts

Running an efficient IT support team means your agents have to be nothing short of technical whizz kids. You need software that allows agents to track complex incidents and tickets, whilst delivering outstanding service to clients.

Deskpro is built with IT teams in mind. Manage all your customer interactions, across all channels, from one single help desk. Whether you need your team to adhere to stringent ITIL processes or simply want to maximize efficiency - Deskpro makes great IT support a breeze.

IT Departments love using Deskpro to manage tech requests

I would recommend Deskpro to any software company because it's such a natural fit, especially when it’s a growing company and has many products like we do.
Mike Wray President
Deskpro has been amazing for us, we’ve gone from an average of over 70-plus days to close a case to a little over 3 days now.
Alex Oquendo Assistant Director
Even though we had tested Deskpro thoroughly before purchasing, we were still shocked at the depth the reporting tools could go.
Roshan Vinayan Project Manager
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Apps & Integrations

Painless integration

Does adhering to a tightly defined set of processes supported by a number of wide-ranging applications sound familiar? We thought so. Then it follows that any new software investments require serious consideration regarding their ability to integrate and complement your existing IT infrastructure.

Deskpro is loved by both end-users and IT. Our software is built to align and integrate with existing applications that are crucial to success. Whether it's our easy-to-use app and widget framework, or our full-featured API for developers, we make integrating your help desk as easy as possible.

Seamless integrations streamline your help desk

Developers can effortlessly create, retrieve, and update help desk data.
Apps by the dozen
Our library of bespoke help desk apps and integrations lets you pull information from other apps .
Create your own apps
Code widgets and apps using JavaScript and HTML, or use our PHP framework to develop full apps.
Far-reaching triggers
Create automatic triggers that respond to events in your help desk with webhook actions.

You Host

Why Deskpro On-Premise might fit your organization

Sometimes, you need complete control over your help desk software. That's why we leave the choice between an On-Premise or Cloud solution to you. If you have specific needs over hardware, data, and processes, Deskpro On-Premise gives you the freedom to set things up exactly how you like them. And can be easily installed and maintained on any web server combination that runs PHP.

Unlike other leading help desk solutions, Deskpro can be deployed on your own server infrastructure or as a fully hosted Cloud service. We're confident you know what's best for your organization.

Total Control
Deskpro On-Premise means you're in charge of your data backup policy - with complete control over access.
Host anywhere
You have the option to host your help desk on a particular domain or subdomain of your choice.
Flexible Configuration
Deskpro On-Premise can be hosted across multiple servers for performance and availability.
Firewall Friendly
Deskpro can work behind your firewall; allowing access to users who log in using your secure network.

We Host

Why Deskpro Cloud might be the best solution for your organization

With Deskpro Cloud, we will help run your help desk from secure data centers and take care of all the backups, updates, security patches, and bandwidth costs.

We will keep your system up to date automatically allowing you to provide the best service possible for your organization, making it a great solution for organizations of all sizes.

One size fits all
Whether you're a small company without a specific IT staff or a large company that wants to minimize the amount of servers you manage.
Automatic Updates
With a server that stays up-to-date with every new feature and improvement.
Safe and Secure
Deskpro follows the best security measures to ensure your help desk data stays confidential.
Keep track of your data
Our Cloud solution automatically backs up your data to disks in multiple locations.
I would recommend Deskpro to any software company because it's such a natural fit, especially when it’s a growing company and has many products like we do.
Mike Wray President

Knowledge Base

Help users help themselves

Supporting users effectively and efficiently means providing fast answers to common questions. You need to provide as many opportunities as possible to find the answers to their own problems, without impeding upon precious agent time.

Spend less time on password resets and common IT questions with our intuitive self-service help center and knowledge base. Our customizable help center makes quality support readily available for customers, and significantly increases agent productivity.

Explore our knowledge base →

Make your service more efficient with Knowledge Base

Frequently answered questions
Your customers can refer to the knowledge base for answers to common problems, whenever.
Ticket deflection
Encourage self-service by automatically suggesting articles aligned to ticket issues.
Lightening-fast search
Users can quickly find articles in the knowledge base - quickly resolving their own queries.
Flexible branding
Integrate your brand and website design with your support help center.
Link or turn tickets into pending articles, instantly populating the article with the content from that ticket.

Deep Automation

Make your help desk work for you

It might feel like your IT teams spend all day answering the same issues over and over again, with Deskpro you are able to automate actions within your ticketing system to help streamline common queries with fast responses. Giving your agents more time to handle more complex tasks and increasing their efficiency helps your team provide better support for your customers.

Deskpro lets you apply triggers and escalations to your tickets to quickly organize new tickets and get them to the correct department. With tools that allow you to quickly input common responses at the click of a button your wait times and the demand placed on your agents will be reduced.

Why is automation so essential for your help desk?

Boost agent productivity
Automation helps your agents handle more tickets in a period of time, this helps your organization maintain a high turnover of ticket responses.
Personal touch
Automation doesn't have to mean losing personalization; automated responses will transpose information about your customers helping you to maintain good customer relationships.
Keep agents informed
Being able to assign agents to follow tickets and send them notifications about the status of tickets ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
We are now heavily dependent on the reporting in Deskpro. It allows us to keep a track of everything that is going on with the support team.
Max Kamis Senior IT Consultant

Actionable data

Make your data work for you

Improve your customer service with analytical insights that clarify your team's performance. Deskpro allows you to design any kind of report to help you understand your service in more depth.

Schedule regular email updates on these reports and provide consistent data updates to help you improve your own support service.

In-depth reporting capabilities at the touch of a button

Valuable insights
Fully customizable reports provide quick access to the information you need, these can be combined to display departmental performance and to help you track important statistical behaviors in the organization.
Regulate your performance
Equip your server with SLAs to track the success rates of your help desk, identifying where issues arise can provide explanations for issues in your support team.
Improved support
Accurately understanding what is working for you customers helps you to improve your service.
Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.
Mohamed Jad Amraoui Systems Engineer