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Flexible Autos stepped its support up a gear with helpdesk software

Flexible Autos relies on Deskpro to provide customer support for its B2B clients. With just a small team of agents, it can handle multilingual support for its international clientele.

The Challenge

Prior to using Deskpro, Flexible Autos was handling its customer support requests through an email solution. Customer Service Supervisor, Liliana Carou, explains how handling the multitude of customer support requests in Outlook “was impossible.”

This led Liliana to suggest Deskpro for the customer support team. “I proposed Deskpro to my company, as a customer service tool, because we were using Outlook to respond to all the customers. It was impossible for running reports, just very difficult.” Liliana believed that Deskpro would be able to make processing customer support emails easier for the team because of all the rules and features that make ticket management more efficient in Deskpro.

The Solution

Having used Deskpro in a previous project, Customer Service Supervisor, Liliana Carou, was keen to implement Deskpro into her team at Flexible Autos. She knew the software well and believed it would help her new team to improve support and take the stress out of relying on a cluttered email inbox.

“I worked very hard to implement all the functionalities of the product, customer support is now very easy for me and my team.”

After incorporating Deskpro into its customer support department, Flexible Autos were able to see an improvement in support request handling. Deskpro helps Liliana to keep on top of complex requests and tickets by “running reports on team performance”. Being able to observe how her team is handling support tickets to identify areas of improvement and keep track of how the team’s time is best spent.

I can run reports for my team performance and I know that the tool is very rich. I love Deskpro.
Liliana Carou Customer Service Supervisor

The Benefits

As a B2B supply company, Flexible Autos are often looking at ways to make their work with external suppliers more efficient. Having clear insights into teamwide performance enables them to improve their customer support.

The team work with external suppliers and Deskpro has helped them to “improve processes and run reports in the helpdesk for them.” Being able to analyze how they communicate with clients lets the support team at Flexible Autos come up with more effective and efficient solutions.

Another feature that Liliana’s team has found invaluable, is the ability to set ticket statuses. As a company that frequently deals with requests from external suppliers, being able to mark tickets in a pending status whilst they await information from third parties helps keep everyone up to date throughout the supply process. “It’s very useful as we have a lot of petitions from our clients and we need to wait for suppliers to respond so we can track the service level”.

The Future

Using Deskpro has been a positive experience for the team at Flexible Autos, as they have been able to keep on top of customer support with Deskpro. “We are very happy with Deskpro and my team is very comfortable with the tool.”

Deskpro keeps its support team in good hands, with Liliana explaining that as a tool, Deskpro has “a lot of resources” and that the connectivity through her 4+ years of using Deskpro has been great.