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Internal helpdesk software for organizations that care about happy employees

Employees have the same support expectations as your customers, whether working remotely or in the office. So, give them a helpdesk that delivers on the promise and improve company happiness.

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Upgrade your internal processes and enhance employee collaboration with a shared inbox and workflows.

Help staff and employees to help themselves by offering them a library of resources to self-manage issues.

Deskpro works with your current infrastructure and workflows, keeping your IT manager happy.

Safe communication with full control over permissions and data. Available to deploy on Cloud or On-Premise.


Better internal support with Deskpro

Support your staff and manage employee issues with a single helpdesk ticketing system. Handle all your support emails, even when you use separate email addresses, across different internal departments. Deskpro helps you to understand exactly what your agents need to tackle next.

Everything in One Place

View conversations in full; complete with message history. Increase accountability and make sure issues don’t fall through the cracks.

Easily Prioritized Workflows

Filter, group, sort and label every ticket to organize your inbox and see which employees need your attention next.


Group agents together into multiple teams - within, or even across, different departments. Automatically assign incoming issues to the right team.

stop repeating yourself

Let your organization know whats going on with a single click

You may find that you need to apply the same action or response to a number of tickets at once. Instead of clicking through each ticket one by one, you can carry out mass actions.

Mass Actions

Message all the employees affected by a problem to tell them what’s happening, inform them when the problem is fixed, and resolve all their tickets at once.

problems & incidents

No problem is too big or small for your helpdesk

Sometimes company-wide issues can produce a flood of incoming tickets. It might be that your coffee machine is broken, or employees can't login to a certain software.

Link tickets

If a problem occurs and leads to an influx of tickets you can link each incident to a problem; helping you to identify the issue and prioritize what to fix.

Respond With Ease

If you want to update your employees about the status of a problem or inform them of its resolution you can use a mass action to message all the effected individuals at once.

Intelligently Filter Issues

When you create a problem it is stored in your helpdesk for the future, so if the same problem recurs you can reopen the problem and keep track of all the incidents in one filter.


Personalized live chat support with a human touch

However your employees are distributed globally, sometimes issues can only be resolved by talking to a real human. With Messenger, you can provide your employees with real-time live chat support so agents can help solve their issues faster than via email.

Chat Routing

Set permissions so that your employees can access the correct support and speak to the right live chat agents.

Multiple Chats

Deliver the same fast and personal support as a phone call, but at a fraction of the cost. Agents can handle multiple chats at once, so you can scale your support with ease.

Flexible Widget

Embed our powerful live chat support widget on any website, as well as for different Help Centers linked to specific internal departments.


All the correct information you need in one go

Capture precise information about your employees issues and hand it straight to your agents. Create one form with your own custom fields that dynamically changes on the same page. Rather than sending employees to different contact forms on other webpages.

HR Teams

Deskpro's features will streamline your internal processes and make your HR department's life easier.

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IT Teams

Intelligent integrations and powerful processing will create a intuitive helpdesk to power your IT department.

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Deskpro is a great service desk tool. It was easy to implement and is flexible across various verticals. Collecting statistics based on user cases helps us identify where we need to educate or clarify.

Nicole Liddell
VP Operations
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be productive

Save time with agent tools and spend time on things that matter

Save agents hours of time by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks. Helpdesk tools in Deskpro bolster the quality of your support and help you exceed customer expectations.


Allow agents to send full and personalized answers to questions in just a few clicks. Canned responses drastically increase the number of tickets that can be responded to each day.

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Level up your common helpdesk processes using macros, which automatically carry out a series of predefined actions.

Follow Ups

Never keep your employees in the dark. Automatically set actions on tickets in the future if there hasn't been a response from an internal employee.

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Do more with your data

Understand exactly what is going on in your organization in real-time. Draw analytics from every action taken by your agents and employees. Know how happy your staff are, which of your helpdesk team are performing well, and where you can make improvements to better support your organization.

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Custom Reports

Billing & Time Tracking

Data Export


Supercharge your internal ticketing system

By giving your agents dynamic automation tools, it helps them increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of your support.


Reduce manual work with powerful automations that make your helpdesk run smoothly and efficiently. Ensuring all tickets are replied to and nothing gets left behind.


Increase ticket urgency, re-assign tickets, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a defined period of time in a specific state.

Ticket Routing

Choose how you want tickets to be distributed across your organization. Set rules to remove manually assigning tickets to agents.

work together

Great support is all about teamwork

Instant Messaging

Team up to resolve issues effectively and efficiently with an open and collaborative messaging system, reducing the reliance on 3rd party tools.

Instant Messaging is great for agents to have discussions via group or one-on-one chats.

all the context you need

Get up to speed quickly and provide consistent support


Use @mentions to ask for help, discuss, and make support decisions all within a single ticket protected from customer view. Notes form part of the ticket history, so it’s easier for other agents to find the necessary context they need to collaborate.


Keep moving forward and reduce administrative bottlenecks


Approvals for things like new tech purchases or project go-aheads can take time, get lost in the system and fall down the pecking order.

With Deskpro, you can guarantee that the right people can see what they need to approve and by when, whilst keeping track of approvals across your organization.


Onboard new employees with ease

Help your Human Resources department onboard with a helpdesk that functions as a full training tool. New staff members can be set specific tasks to complete as they get to grips with the helpdesk and their role.

Admins can control their settings and permissions to ensure they only have access to anything that is absolutely necessary; keeping the training wheels on until they find their way.

Consolidated Content

Manage content in a single platform customized to your needs with Help Center

Regardless of format, consolidate all your content in a single platform that can be made accessible to all customers. Pick and choose the configuration of content types that works for your organization.

control who sees what

The right content for the right audience

With Deskpro you can make content available for internal and external use on the same Help Center.

Agent Permissions

Specify permissions to limit what content employees can view. Permissions may also be set up for internal knowledge management such as employee training, answering HR questions or storing important documents on the same self-service support site as customer FAQs.

Centralize support with unlimited Help Centers

Set up individual Help Centers for different departments, teams and offices. With unique content, permissions and helpdesk support managed in a single agent interface.

Control & Productivity

One team can retain control over workflows, branding and content across multiple departments.

Localized Content

Create uniquely branded content for products and services based on the needs and preferences of a specific geographic region.

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Help yourself

Your employees want to help themselves, so let them

Spend less time answering common questions. Provide self-service content for your employees, so that they can answer their own questions in their own time, when it suits them.
Make it easy for employees to find the help they need by categorizing and grouping knowledgebase articles.
Publish articles rich with editing functionalities that help your employees find answers they need.

find answers

Make finding the right answer easy for everyone

Reduce the effort using a Knowledgebase takes by helping your employees quickly find solutions to their problems the first time, without needing to raise a ticket.

Instant Search

Give employees instant answers with powerful search across the whole Knowledgebase. Intelligent search suggests articles as they're typing.

Showcase your know-how

Deliver the best employee experiences by improving the quality of your content. Capture what's relevant and ensure your Knowledgebase is well equipped for self-service.


Label published content to categorize and simplify your content library.

Search Words

Ensure important content is always included in the top of search results.

Related Content

Increase content discoverability so employees find relevant answers first.


Attach files to messages using simple drag and drop.


Create a structured knowledgebase with unlimited sub-category nesting.


Allow employees to subscribe and be notified via email of changes and updates.

Custom Fields

Define custom fields and flexibly add additional information to content.


Display definitions of terms used across other content to reduce confusion.

Reduce Incoming Tickets

Let your internal support team focus on the big issues

Create an article once, that solves an issue for hundreds of employees in the future.

Ticket Deflection

Reduce pressure on your internal support team by automatically suggesting relevant articles to employees before they submit a ticket.

Check to see if you are actually helping

Understand what content your employees actually find useful and what needs improving. In-built reporting helps keep content fresh, useful and up to date.


Understand the answers members of staff in your organization are looking for so you can measure and improve content. Track views, helpful articles and see which are stale.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility. Snippets make up a good 80% of each message that is sent back to users. It’s greatly reduced response times and improved the user experience.

Nam Nguyen
Director of Customer Success, Launchpad
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Set employees up for success from the start

Guides allows you to structure self-service content providing employees with a step-by-step walkthrough of your product or service. So you can guide them through the whole process, without having to hold their hand. Perfect for onboarding new employees or training current ones.

Explore Guides


Centralize the secure sharing and storing of Files

Make files available to your employees and agents, whether it is a pdf, a brochure, a software application or driver.

Deskpro provides you with the ability to host files within Knowledgebase articles, Guides and News. It also has a dedicated file storage area for your external or internal end-users.


Connect and engage your employees with up-to-date News

Keep your whole organization engaged and in-the-know by communicating the most recent news, blog posts and announcements.


Organize news posts into categories to communicate specific types of content and quickly distinguish them with colors.

Cover Images

Add images to news posts to provide context and a captivating preview.


Often the best ideas come from within your organization

Community gives you a transparent place to crowdsource ideas and give your employees a voice at the table. Allow employees to see, comment and vote on topics most important to them. Provide a roadmap to track progress of responses to feedback and show staff that they are being listened to.

Channels & Topics

Decide how you want to collect ideas. Engage your employees and organize your Community area with varying Topics. Used for internal and external feedback.


Employees and agents can vote on the feedback they think is most useful, allowing you to prioritize improvements.

Status Updates

Use custom feedback statuses so employees can see when you’re planning on implementing a suggestion or not.

Your data, your choice

However you want to deploy your helpdesk, you can do it with Deskpro. Host it on your internal system or run it in the cloud on industry-leading AWS.

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Migration Made Easy

Enterprise Plan

protecting your data

Sleep well, knowing that your employee data is safe and secure

The security of your data is always a priority for us. Deskpro is actively searching, monitoring and improving our security set-up all year round. This is through regular checks and assessments from both our internal security team and 3rd party assessors.

Security Compliance

Other certifications and external validation include 3rd party penetration testing, CSA Star, PCI DSS, G-Cloud, Cyber Essentials Plus.


Deskpro holds itself to the highest international standards to insure that information security management systems across the whole business are built into every aspect of our product and workflows.


Features across the helpdesk help your organization to be GDPR compliant as well as easily handle GDPR issues and requests. DPA can be signed with Deskpro to ensure compliance.


A flexible helpdesk that fits right in

Here at Deskpro, we’ve worked hard to make sure that your helpdesk works seamlessly with over a thousand apps and integrations.

Built-in Apps

Unified Login

Easy App Framework


How else can Deskpro help your organization?

for Support

Improve your personal relationships and keep your customers happy by providing faster & better quality support.

for Publishing

Help your customers to help themselves with a 24/7 self-service help center and knowledgebase. Collaborate on articles and reduce tickets by providing answers to FAQs.

for Sales & CRM

Pursue your prospects across every outreach channel and build workflows to close more sales, faster.

As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise helpdesk. Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at.

Anthony Carter
Head of IT