Have more human conversations

Deskpro features a fully-integrated live chat system with considerably more functionality than leading standalone chat solutions.

Boost your customers support with Help Center access directly from your messenger widget

Deskpro's messenger feature enables live chat from any page that you embed you widget onto; making customer support easier for your customers.

It also lets your customers directly access the Help Center through your embedded widget; making problem solving seamless.

Embedded widget

Reduce number of tickets

One stop shop for support

Help Center

Your proactive Help Center

Embed your messenger widget onto any page across your site; enabling customers to access the Help Center from any page it's embedded on.

Customers using the widget can access all of your knowledgebase content through the widget. Encouraging self-service through ticket deflection can reduce the strain on your agents and can increase the efficacy of your support platform.


Add your own touch to your messenger widget

Your messenger widgets are completely customizable to fit your organization's branding and needs - adding a personal touch to your support service. Embed your help desk widget in your own webpage and make your Help Center readily accessible to your customers with just a click of a button.

Brand your widget

Customize your widget in line with your brand's imagery through logos and colors.

Support with a friendly face

Include avatars of your agents to humanize the conversation.

Pre-chat forms

Required fields gather information from customers before they can begin a chat.

Choose how your widget behaves

Choose if it appears as a pop up or a closed feature on the landing page.

Agent Interface

Be a problem solving maching

Help agents work proactively to resolve issues for your customers. Being able to preview messages and quickly gather customer information means agents can work on putting things right before the customer can even say 'ticket'.

Preview customer messages

Team up on support

Customer profiles

Quickly share content


Intelligent automations help your helpdesk run smoothly

Deskpro's powerful automation tools enable you to pre-arrange actions that keep your helpdesk constantly operating at its best.


Keep up with instant messenger chats by using snippets to insert a canned message which auto-fills customer information.

Never leave customers hanging

Unanswered chat messages are automatically turned into tickets so an agent won't miss the message.

Agent assignment

Choose how to assign agents to chat notifications; an optional round robin, forced round robin or just on a volunteer basis.

It's the perfect environment to ensure our customers and agents are satisfied - all at fantastic value too. Ten out of ten.

Jason Voice
IT Helpdesk Leader
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Customer Interface

Help your customers help themselves

Make your messenger service as intuitive as possible so your customers have a positive customer support experience from start to finish.

Pre-chat fields

Customers can fill in personal details and query topics to ensure they are assigned to the correct agent or department.

Happy customer, happy helpdesk

Customers can leave feedback at the end of their chat with an agent; helping you understand what your organization is doing well and what can be improved.

Provide ongoing support

Your chat widget will automatically send a transcript of the conversation to the customer so they can always see the chat history.


You control access to the messenger widget

You control who can access the chat functions through usergroup permissions. This can be limited to customers who are logged in, or customers from a particular organization.

Admins can also create departmental chat permissions so only specific departments or groups of agents can receive incoming chats and you can control the chat permissions of individual agents within the departments.

Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.

Mohamed Jad Amouri
Senior Lead IT Engineer