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Allow for open and effective communication across your teams.

Give agents the tools they need to provide great customer support.

Promote constant and friendlier communication between teams.

Instant Messaging

Inter-agent communication capabilities

Instant Messaging allows agents to create chats between themselves from within the agent interface of your helpdesk.

Deskpro's Instant Messaging (IM) function eliminates the need for alternative professional messaging services like Slack or Teams. Because your agents can operate entirely within the helpdesk, messaging each other separately from ticketing events.

Virtual workplace environment

The helpdesk feels like an extension of the workplace as friendly IM lets typical office interactions continue virtually.

Combine communication channels

Combining both IM and email software into the same interface reduces reliance on other forms of communication.

Increase agent efficiency

Response times are quicker with IM than other inter-agent communication so tickets are resolved faster.

team chat

Great customer support is all about teamwork

Agents that need support from their team members can utilize the IM service to communicate with their department. One agent can request help from another member of a team by sending them ticket information.

@ mentioning

Notify an agent that their help is required on a ticket by @ mentioning them in the notes of a ticket, this mention will appear in their IM window.


Attaching a ticket in a message to another agent creates a hyperlink that will bring up the ticket window from the IM when clicked.

The internal instant messaging is a great help. Obviously, we do communicate through tickets but if there is anything urgent you can jump on the instant messenger straight away.
Glenn JacksonIT Support Engineer

group conversations

Turn group chats into productive discussions

Instant messaging is also available as a group function which allows agents to have discussions with more senior agents via group or one-on-one chats.

Being able to quickly link the necessary information saves everyone time and helps resolve issues that require more senior authorization promptly.

Temporary groups enable individual agents to quickly discuss something important without needing to be a department or team wide conversation.

Share information quickly

Any major issues with your service and you can easily notify all your agents through group messaging.

@ mention to grab attention

Mentioning an agent in group messages saves them time as they are immediately notified that their help is needed.

Color coding

Each of the individual agents in group chats have different colored messages for clarity.

rich conversations

Give your team the thumbs up 👍

Incorporate emojis into instant messaging. Great for saving time, expressing emotions, clarifying the meaning of a message or just adding some dazzle and personality to long text conversations.

Humanize your inter-agent interactions through quick image responses; add context cues to virtual communication and avoid misunderstandings.


Manage all your internal conversations

Organize your instant messaging with ease and find specific information quickly with quick search features in your messaging interface.

Clear out the clutter

With a handy delete function you can clear out old chats that you no longer need. But they will still be searchable if you require the information in the future.

Quickly search your conversations

The search feature makes hunting down a specific message or conversation about a ticket easy.


Personalize how you are notified

Agent notification settings

Agents decide their own instant message notifications through their settings, they can be notified through email and IM or just through the IM interface.

See who's logged in

You can see which other agents are logged into a session on the helpdesk in the agent interface.

IM Interface

Internal messages that are awaiting a response are displayed through number icons next to the other agents name tag.

Deskpro is a very flexible and easy to use ticketing system environment. The integration with our Active Directory was a breeze and customer support was phenomenal. I’m very happy with the product and recommend it to every business.

Mohamed Jad Amouri
Senior Lead IT Engineer