Team Messaging

Team up on support with workplace IM

Resolve customer issues faster with internal instant messaging.

Deskpro's in-built team messaging app makes collaborative communication simple.

Effective Communication
Simplify teamwork with a team messaging app that makes effective communication effortless.
Increase Team Productivity
Make sure everyone is on the same page with clear and instant communication in your agent teams.
Engage your employees
A simple internal IM solution enables team coordination and friendlier communication.

Instant Internal Messaging

Chat with your team from the help desk

Deskpro's Instant Messaging function eliminates the need for alternative professional messaging services like Slack or Teams. Meaning your agents can operate entirely within the help desk.

Virtual workplace environment
The help desk feels like an extension of the workplace as friendly IM lets typical office interactions continue virtually.
Combined communication
Combine IM and support software into one interface to reduce reliance on other communication platforms.
Increase agent efficiency
Response times are quicker with IM than other inter-agent communication so tickets are resolved faster.
Integrate messaging services
If you do still need 3rd party messaging services these can be integrated into Deskpro easily.
I love that our staff can chat amongst themselves internally while chatting with a customer if they need support from a peer in-house.
John Issa Director of Operations

team chat

Quickly share info with your team

Agents that need support from their team members can utilize the IM service to communicate with their department.

Add an internal note and @mention a colleague to notify them when you need their help.
Send a ticket ID in a message to another agent that acts as a shortcut to the ticket when clicked.

group conversations

Turn group chats into productive discussions

Collaborate with multiple co-workers at once via group chats; so everyone gets the full context. Or update your agents at once with broadcast messaging.

The internal instant messaging is a great help. Obviously, we do communicate through tickets but if there is anything urgent you can jump on the instant messenger straight away.
Glenn Jackson IT Support Engineer

rich conversations

Give your team the thumbs up 👍

Use emojis, images, and gifs in your conversations.

Great for saving time, expressing emotions, clarifying a message, or just adding some personality to conversations.

Search your internal chats

Find any conversation quickly from the app

Organize your instant messaging and find specific information quickly with quick search features in your messaging interface.


Personalize notifications to suit you

Notification Settings
Choose your own IM notifications, whether you want to be notified through email or just via the help desk.
Activity Status
See who is online on the help desk, if agents are logged in their IM avatar will show a green active status.
IM Interface
All your IMs show up as a number badge on the agents' name tag to let you know you have messages waiting.
We spent four months, combing through all the various ticketing systems, and Deskpro kept coming out top. Moving from Outlook to Deskpro gave us visibility and has saved us countless hours by automating complex routing.
Chris Evans VP of IT Operations