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Bottega52 supports clients that use its cloud software using Deskpro

Bottega52 began using Deskpro to manage its customer support for one of its custom digital products.

The Challenge

Bottega52 is a Milanese software company that design, develop and support Cloud-based software products for its customers.

Matteo Ferroni, Co-Founder and CTO of Bottega52, explains how as well as curating customized digital products for its clients Bottega also provides support.

"After we develop all the systems for our customers we of course provide support and maintain the operations of those services.”

Bottega52 was looking for a helpdesk to provide the high level of support outlined in its customer contracts. “We sign contracts with our customers that we will provide a certain SLA for ticket resolution and we also set up escalation policies.” Matteo decided that they would try out Deskpro, “we chose Deskpro for one of our products to evaluate your platform and we’ve been using your solution for a year now.”

The Solution

After the team began using Deskpro, Matteo found they could make full use of SLAs to meet the requirements of its customer support contract.

“We have some strong requirements for SLAs; in our exploration of different ticketing services we found that Deskpro is great in terms of SLA management.”

Matteo also found he could also use the reporting interface to generate reports and provide highly specific metrics to their customers, “we created our custom reports, they were quite simple to build and let us provide statistics for our customers”.

Whilst migrating to Deskpro, Matteo found that although learning a new helpdesk software took a bit of time, he was pleased with the product's potential, “it takes some time because of all the features, but one of the reasons we use Deskpro is for the complex features available.”

The Benefits

For Matteo, Deskpro’s tracking and reporting have made it easy to provide his clients with in-depth statistical evidence of support. “We enjoy the fact that we can track the time the ticket is open by an agent or by a customer, it’s an interesting metric and we can show this to our customers.”

He also appreciates the simplicity of creating custom reports and dashboards.

I like that the DPQL is similar to the SQL language for generating a query, so it’s not super complicated.
Matteo Ferroni Co-Founder & CTO

The team also like Deskpro for the customer experience, “on the customer's end the experience is good and modern especially compared to other solutions available.”

The Future

In the future, Matteo and the team at Bottega52 look forward to the redesign of Deskpro's Admin and Agent interfaces that will come alongside the upgrades in Deskpro Horizon.