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Proscan Imaging seamlessly supports patients and staff

Proscan Imaging introduced an internal and external helpdesk across multiple departments.

The Challenge

Proscan Imaging is a HIPAA compliant clinical imaging company; it needed a multi-departmental helpdesk to roll out for several different functions across its business with very different workloads and needs.

Proscan had already been using a helpdesk for its internal IT support for a while, which proved to be an effective way of organizing the team’s work, so decided to expand it to other departments.

Unfortunately, the helpdesk Proscan Imaging was previously using didn’t allow for the effective segmentation of teams. Too much information would be exposed from one department to another if it was rolled out across departments, which would have threatened internal privacy so was not an option.

The Solution

Justin Houchin, a Systems Engineer at Proscan Imaging, was tasked with finding an alternative helpdesk, and he had a strong sense of what was needed.

"We wanted to be On-Premise as we’re HIPAA compliant, so it makes things much more straightforward that you can choose the deployment option with Deskpro. We also wanted to be able to securely containerize people, so they have their own views of tickets and interface."

When Justin looked on the Deskpro site, he was impressed by the design and encouraged by the size of some of the other customers that use Deskpro's software.

Coupled with the twenty years of experience Deskpro has in supporting people and providing exceptional customer service, it was apparent that the Deskpro platform was robust and rich in features.

"It was important to get good value for money for a solution that provided extensive features and was affordable. We found that Deskpro did this perfectly."

Being able to create and send an in-depth reporting dashboard, that includes our own custom fields, to a stakeholder is really cool.
Justin Houchin Systems Engineer

The Benefits

Proscan has found one of the great advantages of Deskpro is just how customizable it is. Justin knew he’d be able to separate Agents out by Departments when he purchased, but the ability to add Department-specific fields in the ticket forms as well has made it simple to roll out across Proscan's various teams and departments.

"One thing that I really like of course is the custom fields that I can create. I also love that I can report on those! That alone gives me enough flexibility to take the whole Deskpro platform across departments."

Because the Deskpro reporting system allows you to easily drill down into database tables, reporting on numerous departments who are working on completely different tickets isn’t a problem either.

"The reporting’s really powerful. You can literally report on every table. So that's really nice and super useful."

The Future

Currently, Proscan Imaging is focused on Deskpro as a ticketing solution, as it is helping more and more departments to communicate more efficiently and enrich reports.

Moving forward, Justin and the team plan to use the Help Center and knowledgebase features to provide a database of internal FAQs for staff.

Deskpro’s flat pricing structure and unlimited Multi-branded Help Centers mean that ProScan can easily roll out different features to different teams at its own pace.