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Frosch boosted customer care with efficient software

After realizing that Outlook was not providing its customer care team with adequate tools, FROSCH Travel decided to look for a customizable helpdesk software solution to fulfill its needs.


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The Challenge

FROSCH Travel is one of the world’s leading corporate and luxury travel management companies. Co-headquartered in New York and Houston, they have offices in more than 40 locations worldwide.

FROSCH's global remote customer care team is made up of almost 200 agents, who provide 24/7 support for its corporate travel clients. However, keeping customers happy and maintaining a high retention rate was becoming more and more difficult.

Chris Evans, VP of IT Operations, knew that FROSCH had to make a change to their customer support software. Their current solution, using Outlook shared inboxes, was clumsy and prevented them from improving their customer satisfaction rating.

"Things got to a stage where we knew we had to change. Management couldn't give reasons why things were happening because we didn't have the reporting capability."

A lack of visibility and reporting on the agents' activities, including whether 10 minute SLAs were being hit or not, was making management of the remote teams even more tricky. Having a global team brings global problems. Having auto-assignments to out-of-hours teams, round robins, and custom working hours was something that Outlook shared inboxes were unable to provide.

"Using Outlook, we didn't have visibility on how agents were responding and what they were responding with until there was a complaint."

Every organization that works with FROSCH has its own email address which employees can email for support and travel solutions. With over 600 organizations, things can get out of hand if not managed properly. So Chris began the search for a helpdesk software platform to skyrocket FROSCH’s customer service output.

The Solution

As FROSCH had previously only had Outlook as a customer support tool, Chris was anxious that there would not be a tool on the market that could work with its number of teams and business rules. With 75% of their communication via email, he was also keen to ensure that the visibility of its customer support teams was completely transparent.

Michael Kennedy, IT Infrastructure Engineer, had previously worked with and implemented Deskpro at another travel management company. During the final stages of evaluating the shortlist of helpdesks, Michael was sought out by Chris to provide expertise on how Deskpro could be integrated into the FROSCH support workflows.

"This is the second company that I've implemented Deskpro at, and I knew that it could do what we needed it to do. Having both Cloud and On-Premise deployment options meant we could make that decision later down the line."

Initially, FROSCH was looking at Deskpro Cloud, however, they realized that with Michael and their mature IT team, they would be able to mold their helpdesk slightly more with the On-Premise option. They made their decision to proceed with Deskpro, starting with a proof-of-concept trial. Michael set up Deskpro to be used with just one client that had access to both a day-time and after-hours support team so that they could test it. After the initial testing phase, the team at FROSCH was able to scale up very quickly.

“Deskpro’s Admin interface is so powerful, especially with the different options (new, update, reply) for ticket triggers, it is a huge advantage for us at FROSCH. We have UK, EMEA, and US routing and using triggers that allowed me to create custom filters for email addresses that distribute tickets across 4 support teams depending on the time of day, day of the week, and type of inquiry.”

One of the best things about Deskpro is it works as an out-of-the-box solution but you can also make it completely your own. That’s where the power is.
Chris EvansVP of IT Operations

The Benefits

Since FROSCH implemented Deskpro for its customer support teams it has been able to streamline its customer support and increase productivity hours.

“We have 734 new ticket triggers, 850 departments, and over 650 unique outgoing email addresses. Once we had set them up, it has saved us countless hours by automating so many of the complexities of routing, mapping, and responding.”

Deskpro has taken over many manual tasks such as evaluating the competence and consistency of agents, as well as the resilience of the teams at certain times of the week. The built-in reporting and dashboards have enabled Chris and the management team to see who the high performers in the team are. It also opened their eyes to team members that had been considered high performers but were actually minimally engaged. So has allowed FROSCH to ensure its team only contains efficient and effective agents.

“The agents working in the support team are now accountable for doing their jobs well, which has been a key business model change. We now have instant visibility, plus how, when, and the frequency of their responses.”

Being able to implement SLAs and be accountable to them, has helped to improve the customer experience as well as enabling the support team to take more pride in fast and effective responses.

“Notifications in Deskpro have been huge. We integrated Clickatell with SLAs so that if a certain threshold is reached, such as X tickets in X time, it sends a text message to alert the appropriate team members. It has been wickedly successful and very well received in our after-hours and operations groups.”.

The Future

After Michael lead the architecture and set-up of FROSCH’s new helpdesk, he handed over the reins to Chris and his team. With so much customization of triggers and escalations, Michael leveraged the API to allow new rules to be created by other departments.

“Michael has done some serious surgery and building to the platform to customize it completely to our workflows. That is one of the best things about Deskpro, it works as an out-of-the-box solution but you can also make it completely your own. That’s where the power is.”

Traditionally, corporate travel has always been done via email or phone. Chris and the team at FROSCH understand that communication is changing, especially between different generations.

“Before we even started looking for a helpdesk solution, we knew the future for Frosch needs to include different channels of communication, such as live chat, to allow us to keep up with millennials.”

Because the Live Chat channel in Deskpro is already included in the license, Chris knew that they were future-proofing the helpdesk. Rolling-out live chat at FROSCH doesn’t have to incur any upgrade costs or the use of another software tool.

When they are ready, FROSCH plans to test out Live Chat with a select group (using chat permission groups) before making it available to all of its customers.

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