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Emprint provides seamless support for its clients and employees

Emprint utilizes its Cloud deployment of Deskpro to provide both internal support for staff and customer support for clients.

The Challenge

Emprint migrated from Deskpro On-Premise to a Cloud deployment in the last year. Emprint's primary use of Deskpro is for its internal helpdesk but the team was curious as to how a Cloud deployment could expand its options. Brian Thomason, IT Systems Engineer, explained how he felt “a Cloud version would be more flexible; we never exposed our On-Premise server to the internet because we didn’t want to worry about securing the server.”

The team wanted to look for a way to make the helpdesk work for them and reduce the stress of server management, Emprint was able to achieve this by moving to a Cloud platform where Deskpro takes care of all backups, updates, and security patches.

The Solution

After migrating to Deskpro Cloud, Brian instantly saw a positive effect.

“It’s already helped tremendously switching to the Cloud. It’s easier and we have better peace of mind, now our users can access it from wherever they need.”

Since migrating, Brian and his team have also been exploring how they can make greater use of Deskpro not only for the internal team but for Emprint's clients too. “We’ve begun testing having different branded Help Centers for different products that our clients use.”

The Benefits

Brian has enjoyed using a number of Deskpro features, such as using Deskpro’s built-in reports. “I use some reporting, seeing how fast we can get to resolutions or working out our average response time. I have a feeling reporting is going to play a bigger role for us once we launch our customer-facing Help Center.”

Emprint is also beginning to introduce Voice into the helpdesk. Brian explains how the team has “a lot of remote workers now and are transitioning more towards remote work,” so they like being able to have an auto-attendant and also appreciate how Voice pricing is “consumption-based”. It opens up more support possibilities for Emprint as they focus more on customer support, “I feel like it’s a great approach for when we start opening up customer support directly as they’ll be able to call us.”

The Future

Brian continues to be pleased with the Cloud platform and has recommended Deskpro to a number of peers.

We've converted three other companies in our state to Deskpro, they were looking for a better helpdesk software so I told them go check out Deskpro.
Brian Thomason IT Systems Engineer

Emprint is looking forward to implementing Deskpro Horizon, after trialing our latest version they can’t wait to upgrade their helpdesk. “I liked it. It’s smoother. It seems to load a lot faster. We were interested in migrating the moment we got into the free trial and started looking.”