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3pAll fulfils its customers' expectations with multi-branded support

3pAll began using Deskpro to help provide technical and customer support across multiple brands.

The Challenge

Mark Frankfurt, Founder of 3pAll, needed a helpdesk solution to help him and his team provides third-party customer support for its multiple clients in the same system. Mark wanted a solution that could handle multi-branding easily and all the “technical support, order handling and inquiries” as smoothly as possible.

“When we started handling multiple clients’ customer support, we started looking for a helpdesk with great multi-branding support.” This search led Mark to Deskpro.

The Solution

After trialing several other helpdesks, Mark found that Deskpro met 3pAll's specific multi-brand needs.

“We tried a few different helpdesks but when I tried Deskpro the multi-branding capabilities really won me over.”

Alongside the multi-branding, Deskpro’s automations have made ticket routing and organizing the helpdesk easier for Mark’s team. “We mostly use Deskpro for categorizing different tickets based on brands and then ticket types.” Which works with their different triggers and department permissions, as they use “automations for routing emails to the correct departments.”

The Benefits

Mark has found that providing customer support across multiple brands is made simple with Deskpro, “what I really like about Deskpro is the ability to make sure that all the brands are separate, but I can still have multiple agents working on the same brand.” So the team can work across various brands on just one ticketing system that takes away the complexities by intelligently routing inquiries to the right place. Overall, the team at 3pAll is pleased with their helpdesk:

Deskpro really has been a much better platform than any of the other CRM ticketing systems we tried.
Mark Frankfurt Founder & CEO

Another benefit that Mark found was the ability to make Deskpro fit 3pAll’s needs, “it was nice to be able to customize Deskpro the way I needed to, so I could set up departments and labels to fit our needs.” In addition, Mark found being able to “determine what I thought a department was” meant the helpdesk could be tailored to their needs. In 3pAll’s case, they “use labels to determine which product a ticket is about,” and then they have created custom reports to provide insights into support cases. “I have reports that break it down by product, so our clients can see which products we spend the most time helping their customers with.”

The Future

At the moment, Mark’s team primarily uses Deskpro for ticketing but is interested in adding different communication channels through integrations. “We don’t use Voice or Chat at the moment, but we would like to integrate third-party software as our clients often already have existing systems in place.”

They are also interested in the coming changes to the Deskpro UI with the release of Horizon. Mark believes “a new user interface would definitely be helpful,” especially for training new agents.