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Airbus chose a help desk that's out of this world

Airbus OneWeb launched its global micro-satellite project to provide affordable internet across the globe and needed a help desk to scale its internal support.

The Challenge

In a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, its project will launch 900 micro-satellites to provide affordable internet. Its reusable launchers and tugs will also lower the cost of going to space for future missions.

The team on the OneWeb project had been growing so Anthony Carter, Head of IT, recognized the need to provide a new help desk platform. Communication was proving difficult so the right software would help the team move forwards and be more organized as traditional methods of reaching out would lead to confusion.

They found that they were relying too much on face-to-face conversations, which led to the loss of information as the outcomes would not be stored anywhere that could be easily accessed when needed by other team members.

“As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise help desk.”

The Solution

Once Anthony identified the issue, he knew what they needed from a new help desk was a platform that would store all the information gathered from conversations with clients in an easy-to-access manner. As well as requiring a help desk with features that would make its work easier, it was crucial that Airbus host its help desk themselves.

“Deskpro by far excelled over the other help desks we looked at.”

After testing different On-Premise help desk options that were available, it became clear that Deskpro would be a good fit for the Airbus OneWeb team, as it had all the features the team needed and allows them to keep the help desk secure.

The Benefits

After launching Deskpro, Anthony has found internal communication is more manageable, making accessing information held in the tickets easier for agents to find and manage.

Since we rolled out Deskpro, I haven't come across any limitations. And the few times reached out to Deskpro's support team, they've been very responsive. I've been happy with their service.
Anthony Carter Head of IT

Anthony has also taken full advantage of the Help Center by publishing knowledge base articles that allow his team and clients to quickly find solutions to any questions ensuring that everyone is aware of the ongoing progress with this large-scale project.

The Future

The next step to improving communication at Airbus OneWeb involves implementing our Live Chat feature. Anthony hopes this will let them take advantage of the growth in their team, and as this is a fast-moving project it is crucial to be able to pass information out quickly across teams.

As Deskpro is so customizable they will be putting the API to use to see how much more they can learn about their tickets when they put all the data they are collected to full use. With such high ambitions, Airbus OneWeb is ensuring that it's constantly improving all aspects of both internal and external communications with its help desk.