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Vienna House provides first-class support for its hotels with Deskpro

Vienna House uses Deskpro to provide exceptional customer support for its hotels across Europe.

The Challenge

Stefan Urdl, Corporate Director of IT for Vienna House, was looking for a ticketing system when he came across Deskpro. The team at Vienna House was looking for software that would simplify its customer support tickets for its growing business that was hosted on the Cloud.

Stefan explains that he decided to go with Deskpro after evaluating several other help desk systems: “We evaluated some other tools and at the end of the day Deskpro is a really cool one. I like that it’s on the cloud and that it has an easy licensing model.”

The Solution

After Vienna House implemented its Deskpro help desk, Stefan and his team found the system quite instinctive. He describes how the team “didn’t have a ticketing system before Deskpro, but it’s very intuitive and easy to handle.”

For Vienna House, the features used the most are “the ticketing system and reporting.” Stefan explains how those are the “two things we use on a daily basis.”

We are a loyal customer of Deskpro and I’m always looking forward to new improvements.
Stefan Urdl Corporate Director of IT

The Benefits

Stefan thinks that Reports is an important help desk feature as he can accurately view his team’s performance.

“It’s important to see how many tickets were opened and closed and how long it takes to resolve tickets.”

He also finds the reporting interface quite intuitive, “it’s easy, it’s not rocket science, and there are so many predefined reports.”

Stefan also found his agents picked up the system quickly, as he had “never seen a ticketing system that is that easy for the agents.”

The Future

Vienna House is expanding its chain of award-winning hotels further across Europe: “We are increasing in the market and will have many more hotels within the next two years.” So they require a help desk that can keep up with the growing business.

Stefan wants to start using other features in the help desk in the future, “I was thinking about using the Chat feature, but it is not necessary yet.” And in the reports interface, he wants to start building custom reports. “We don’t use SQL at the moment, I would like to do this in the future, but the in-built reports in Deskpro are really good.” This will help Stefan, and the team at Vienna House, increase the parameters of internal reporting.