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St Wilfrid's uses Deskpro to support its school community with ease

St. Wilfrid’s Catholic School moved its support service from a Freshdesk instance to Deskpro so they could provide exceptional internal support to staff and students.

The Challenge

Having used Freshdesk previously for ticketing, Gary Robson, the Network Manager for St. Wilfrid’s Catholic School, was looking for an alternative helpdesk. He found that the Freshdesk interface was slightly too complicated, and his agents didn’t enjoy clicking back and forth between different parts of a ticket.

Gary also wanted increased transparency and the ability to easily track the tickets that came into the helpdesk to enhance his team’s performance and identify areas of improvement. “We didn’t have the proper reporting features, which made me want to look around for other helpdesk software.”

The Solution

Gary had used Deskpro at a role in a previous company, so he knew that it was an effective solution for his software needs:

I’ve never had a bad experience with Deskpro, it just does everything we need it to do.
Gary Robson Network Manager

For Gary, the main benefit of Deskpro over the previous helpdesk provider is the intuitive layout of the agent interface. “You can see your list of tickets and all the information about it on the same page without having to go into and back out of a ticket.”

As a result of his previous experiences with Deskpro, Gary was able to set up the helpdesk easily after migration: “It was something I was really familiar with and able to set up quickly.” His team finds the agent interface intuitive and had Gary on hand to help if required, “I was able to be a point of contact for them because I’m familiar with it, but they picked it up very quickly.”

The Benefits

Deskpro enables Gary and his team to provide tailored support for the staff and students at St Wilfrid’s through permissions and usergroups across the Help Center. Gary explains that he achieves this using an Office 365 integration so that “when staff and students log in to the Help Center, I can define which guides they can view. I’ve got certain guides for our staff and our students.”

The team at St Wilfrid’s also finds the ability to share files through the Help Center more convenient than other file sharing methods. Gary utilizes the Files section of the Help Center a lot: “I host files on here as it’s just easier to send someone a file that’s hosted centrally through Deskpro as opposed to having to upload somewhere else and share a link.”

In addition to the functional benefits that migrating to Deskpro has brought Gary and his team, they benefit from an educational discount, “We got an educational discount when I contacted you,” allowing them to provide exceptional helpdesk support to the school community at a reasonable rate.

The Future

Gary and his team use their helpdesk data from ticket satisfaction to continue improving their support for their school community:

“It’s interesting to see what people actually think of the team and how we can improve.”

As they continue to identify areas of improvement and work on their support team by keeping track of their performance in the reporting app, Gary explains how “I’ve got my own dashboard set up that shows the amount of tickets coming in, their categories and how long it takes for us to reply and resolve them.”