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Atlantech keeps its customers connected with Deskpro On-Premise

After its legacy provider stopped supporting On-Premise, Atlantech needed an affordable solution committed to On-Premise to enable a high level of automation and customization.

The Challenge

In early 2016, Kayako announced it was discontinuing its On-Premise solution, which left a lot of companies (including Atlantech) in an unfortunate situation concerning its customer support software.

Atlantech looked at Kayako Cloud but found it was too expensive and lacked essential features that they desperately needed.

Eric Van Tol, Director of Engineering & Support, explained further.

“There weren’t many options when it came to looking at On-Premise helpdesk software that had the level of features that we needed, but Deskpro was top of our list.”

One of the perceived roadblocks of moving helpdesk software can often occur when migrating the data. Alongside a CSV and API importer/exporter, Deskpro has a custom-built migration tool for moving tickets and data from a Kayako helpdesk that Atlantech used.

“The ability to migrate our data into our new helpdesk meant that we could get our customer support setup (including all of our history) pretty swiftly.”

The Solution

Because Atlantech already had a helpdesk active with Kayako, they were looking for a new solution that would be straightforward to install on a Virtual Machine (VM) as well as easy to pick up and configure.

“We picked Deskpro because of its speed and feature set. Our previous helpdesk was slow and difficult to manage, so we were delighted during our testing phase to be able to fully test Deskpro and its capabilities.”

Ticket logs were another extra feature that Atlantech gained when migrating across to Deskpro. Whenever an action runs, agents and admin are able to view the audit trail of all the actions, including when they run and what causes them.

The ability to customize a helpdesk solution may not be at the forefront of a business's mind if they haven’t used a helpdesk before. But, because Atlantech was helpdesk veterans and tech gurus, they knew how important it was to have the ability to customize elements of their helpdesk solution.

“We managed to set up a wide range of escalations, SLAs, and triggers easily, which has turned our customer support team into a high-performance machine.”

The Benefits

Moving from Kayako to Deskpro On-Premise came with a lot more benefits that Atlantech had been going without for a number of years. Atlantech chose Deskpro to solve their problem due to having a deep and rich feature set at an affordable price per agent.

“We wanted proper escalations that were easy to handle and automated triggers that were powerful but also simple to set up.”

As Atlantech has been a part of the technology industry for over 20 years, they also took advantage of custom HTTP/JSON requests to help automate multiple tasks and processes alongside their network monitoring system.

Agents in the Atlantech support team were especially happy with the move and rated the whole Deskpro software and experience as 9/10. With any software purchase, your experience can often be affected by the level of support and care that vendors provide, not just during but after the sales process.

The support at Deskpro is really good, they have been helpful, patient and quick to fix any bugs or issues. They also listen to our feature requests and have helped us with custom development.
Eric Van Tol Director of Engineering and Support

The Future

Having a helpdesk solution was not a new concept for Atlantech, however, when changing software platforms, sometimes there can be hesitation from agents and team members. This was not the case for Atlantech when they moved to Deskpro.

“Our agents have been really happy about switching to Deskpro. It is a great product. It’s a shame we didn’t move sooner as overall it is much more robust than our previous helpdesk.”

The future is bright for Atlantech, as they look forward to another 20 years of business. Putting the customer first is a policy that runs through the whole organization and is felt by everyone who works at Atlantech. Therefore, having the best customer support software in place is imperative for them to provide incredible service to their clients.

“It was really significant to have Deskpro committing long-term to their On-Premise helpdesk. We see ourselves staying with them for the foreseeable future.”