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eShipping scaled its logistic efforts with a flexible helpdesk

eShipping needed a solution that would scale and help them to provide outstanding customer support to their growing logistics business so they turned to Deskpro for help.






Parkville, Missouri





The Challenge

With multiple call centres handling different types of calls, eShipping has multiple segments of the company that need to work in unison.

For the past few years, eShipping were using Outlook to respond, track and log all of their communication with clients and customers. However, they were running into problems on a regular basis, with different departments not syncing well enough with others.

“It became a real struggle to provide customer service using Outlook and we felt that we were dropping the ball, which is never a good thing.”

eShipping were using the Outlook inbox with color categories for each agent. There were huge gaps in how the team communicated and it meant that they used 4 different software solutions for their customer support.

The Solution

eShipping took their time to look at and assess a host of helpdesk software platforms. After extensive testing, they settled on Deskpro Cloud.

What attracted eShipping to Deskpro was the powerful customization of automatic triggers, departments for tickets and live chat as well as the affordable price compared to other options.

“During our cost benefit analysis, the decision to pick Deskpro became a no brainer. The software is head and shoulders above the other helpdesks that we trialled.”

Automatic triggers have been used (and appreciated) the most since the switch to Deskpro. Keeping a handle on ‘tricky’ customers and keeping the inbox clean was once a challenge. However, after setting up a variety of triggers, certain customers can be prioritised or sent to specific agents and auto-responders set to provide customers with holding-responses for certain issues.

The Benefits

By creating specialized teams and departments in their new Deskpro helpdesk, eShipping managed to super-charge their productivity. They were able to create new processes that worked well for both their agents and their customers.

“As a helpdesk manager, Outlook was a nightmare when it came to tracking, reporting and trying to improve our processes. With Deskpro, I can run reports on pretty much anything and keep an eye on how the team are doing in real-time as well as jump in and help them if they need it.”

eShipping can now provide their clients with different levels of support across multi-channels, time-zones and tiered support (escalating tickets for their VIP customers), saving time, money and stress.

The Future

Whilst eShipping spent years using Outlook for their customer service platform, they would never go back to how things used to be before Deskpro.

“If we went back to Outlook, we wouldn’t be able to cope and I’m pretty sure that our customers and clients would be able to tell that everything from our response time to our approach would be worse.”

eShipping provides a call center solution for businesses. Which is why the implementation of Deskpro 'Voice' has the potential to further combine email, live chat, forms and calls into one powerful helpdesk, increasing productivity and improving support.

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