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Amplifi uses Deskpro to give a voice to its non-profit clients

Amplifi relies on Deskpro to help streamline communication with its client base. For the team at Amplifi, Deskpro makes managing daily conversations in a shared inbox more efficient.

The Challenge

Amplifi is a strategic communications firm that assists non-profit organizations. Its mission is to improve the efficacy of fundraising outreach for non-profits to help raise awareness and spread their message.

Prior to implementing Deskpro into their workflow, the team at Amplifi was managing its client communications using Outlook as its email solution. This proved to be too disorganized and made staying on top of conversations difficult.

David Neelman, Director of Client Services, spoke to our Customer Success team about Amplifi’s experiences of acquiring a help desk solution: “When everyone was emailing you had to make sure the proper people were on the conversation, there was no central place to go and look at a conversation, so we decided a while back to move to a help desk system.” During their search for help desk software, they came across Deskpro.

The Solution

As a firm that handles non-profit communications across several different departments -- Project Management, Creative Design, Data, and more -- Deskpro became the obvious solution. Amplifi wanted to be able to coordinate its client communications across multiple departments with ease, “Different people across different departments need to communicate with a client on a specific project. Our Deskpro team inbox really helped our communication versus carrying it out over email and making sure the correct person is CC’d”

David has found that Deskpro makes standardization across client communication much simpler. For example, his team enjoys using Snippets in their workflow, “We really like Snippets, we use it for standardized responses that we might need to send to a client.” Amplifi enjoys making full use of Deskpro’s features.

“We use almost everything that the Deskpro platform has to offer”.

The Benefits

The Amplifi team finds that their Help Center helps them assist their clients more effectively. “We have a knowledge base and guides from the client side so we can refer them to articles, which helps standardize our procedures. It’s a really useful feature. I call it the lifesaver.”

They find use in other aspects, such as ticket actions, as the team deals with multiple different conversations with clients about a project. Which can occasionally result in duplicate ticket threads about the same project, “We could have 50 messages in a ticket and then the client's next response is a brand new ticket; we love being able to merge the messages into one ticket thread.” Being able to merge tickets helps to keep communications organized and specific projects on track.

Overall, Amplifi has found that Deskpro has positively impacted its communications, “Our experience with Deskpro has been really great; it’s a really great tool for us. Our communications are much more streamlined, especially internally.”

David also appreciates how Deskpro can be customized personally, even within a shared inbox. “We created our own alerts and filters the way we want. We like the flexibility of that; being able to monitor filters in different ways and having your own personalized alerts has really helped us to improve our communication with clients.”

Deskpro is an integral part of our daily communication.
David Neelman Director, Project & Client Services

The Future

David and his team look forward to continuing with Deskpro and migrating to the latest version, Horizon, soon, “Deskpro is our main communication system with our client base, and it’s working very well for us.” Amplifi is also keen to try the new Deskpro Horizon mobile app, so the team can manage tickets even when they can’t be at their desk.