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Zermelo supports educators in The Netherlands with its 24/7 helpdesk

Schools across the Netherlands use the Zermelo platform to make schedules and announcements to their students - Zermelo has thousands of people relying on its software to schedule their commitments.






Leiden, Netherlands




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The Challenge

Zermelo’s platform is widely used across the education sector throughout the Netherlands.

With the introduction of data regulation rules and an expanding customer base, a robust in-house customer support system with rich functionality was required. Gerard Krul, Head of IT at Zermelo, was in charge of finding a new helpdesk solution.

‘Before we moved to Deskpro we were using Zoho. This was hosted in the US which caused all kinds of issues.’

The Solutions

After rigorously testing a shortlist of helpdesk providers, Deskpro’s On-Premise solution turned out to be a great fit for Zermelo. It allowed them to store their data on their own servers and manage the email and phone requests they receive from their customers every day. Gerard also found that he was able to easily integrate Deskpro with their existing systems.

‘It was so easy to integrate – everything is now managed from one place which makes life much easier.’

The Benefits

Zermelo now use Deskpro to manage their licensing and track client journeys, for both email and phone communication. It was the robust and configurable ticketing functionality that convinced Gerard that Deskpro was the right solution for Zermelo.

The ability for Deskpro to be deployed onsite, was a key reason for moving away from Zoho (which is only available as Cloud deployment). It now enables Gerard and his team to be able to have complete control over their data. With mounting data privacy rules, including GDPR, Deskpro provided Zermelo with the perfect On-Premise option.

The Future

Initially, Zermelo purchased Deskpro to manage their email requests and track the calls from their existing phone system. However thanks to the seamless workflows and rich reporting in Deskpro, they are now looking forward to fully integrating the Voice solution as well.

As Zermelo's coverage of schools across the Netherlands expands, their IT and support teams will also grow. So it was important for Gerard to purchase a helpdesk solution that would scale alongside Zermelo, without breaking the bank.

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