Deskpro Partner Program

Become a Deskpro partner and join a vibrant community that wants to accelerate their business growth.

Transform your customer experience

Join Deskpro's Partner Community to receive new opportunities and build firm customer relationships as an official Deskpro reseller.

Enhance your business capabilities through Deskpro's partnership program.


The best partnerships are rewarding

As a member of our Partner Program you will receive a 25% discount on licenses for both Cloud and On-Premise.

You will benefit from this discount when you resell to a client who hasn't previously contacted or been a Deskpro customer.

Customer Ownership

Finders keepers

Your customers, are your customers. The great thing about the Partner Program is we only require your customers contact details so that technical support queries can be resolved in case of emergency.

Technical Support

Here to give a helping hand

We pride ourselves on providing awesome customer service for all our customers; which doesn't stop as a reseller.

In addition to your support, your clients who purchase Deskpro will also have access to the same high level of technical support.

Alongside the 25% discount we will provide technical support for your clients through you.

Extra Services

Go above and beyond for your clients

As a reseller you are able to offer extra services to your clients as add ons.

You can offer extra support, set up, customization, training and more. All of which can increase you revenue potential on top of the Deskpro software.

Pricing Structure

As a Deskpro reseller you will need to resell Deskpro licenses at a price no lower than on Deskpro.com.

This helps to even the playing field for all the resellers in our Partnership community.

Feel free to contact us about exclusive distribution licensing.

Intellectual Property

Conscious lead-generation

We want to help you get the most out of Deskpro as well as protect our brand.

We will provide you with approved marketing and training collateral that can be used to help your own lead-generation and sales.

Sign Up Today

We can't wait for you to join us

We really hope that our partnership with you is a long and fruitful one.

Admittance into our Partners Program is based on your organization's reselling capabilities, sign up today to join our growing community of licensed Deskpro sellers.