Knowledgebase Software

Knowledgebase software for self-service support

Provide customers with 24/7 access to answers on your online knowledgebase and reduce customer support tickets.

Create an article once that solves an issue for hundreds of customers in the future.

Give your customers the knowledge platform they deserve

Improve the quality of your content and support with a knowledgebase software that provides customers with more than just a helpdesk.

Ticket Deflection

Knowledgebase software that never stops working for you

Create a hub of support articles where your customers can find answers themselves instead of opening a ticket with your support team.

Your existing knowledgebase articles will deflect tickets, empowering your customers and freeing up your support team to handle the issues that require human intervention.

1Customer goes to submit a support ticket

If someone can't find an answer or tries to contact you first, they'll start by submitting a ticket to your helpdesk.

2Helpful articles related to their query ae suggested

As a customer is typing, your knowledgebase software will automatically suggest articles that might solve the problem.

3Customer opens a relevant article

If a suggested knowledgebase article looks like it might solve a customer’s problem, they can go directly to that content and find out.


Your customer has solved their problem, and your knowledgebase software has intelligently deflected a ticket.

The top-level goal for our knowledgebase software is to steer the customer to some level of self-help. For our business to scale, we need customers to access online-based resources that allow them to answer their own questions.
John IssaDirector of Operations

find answers

Make finding the right answer easy for everyone

Customers want to find answers to their problems quickly. Help customers find solutions to their problems with ease by organizing your Deskpro knowledgebase.


Check to see if you are actually helping

Understand what answers your customers are looking for. So that you can measure and improve your knowledgebase content.


See how many times your articles have been read.


Decide whether you want to allow comments on articles and posts, providing a place for customer engagement.

Helpfulness Rating

Customers can rate each article as helpful or not, giving an overall helpfulness rating.

text editor

Collaborate for easy editing and knowledge management

Creating new knowledgebase articles and keeping old ones up-to-date is easy with the fully featured publishing interface. Author content using rich and easy-to-use publishing tools with HTML.


Ensure your customers never miss an update

Subscriptions allow customers to be notified via email of any new articles, changes and updates to the knowledgebase.

Individual articles, categories and the whole knowledgebase can be subscribed to.

We’re always referring people to our Knowledgebase that contains over 500 articles. Customers love it that they can help themselves at any time, day or night and our agents love it because it reduces the number of tickets we receive.
Mike WrayPresident, Mariner Software

content translation

Delight customers of any language with friendly localized content at scale

Speak the language of your customers and build stronger relationships across the world by publishing articles in different languages.


Scale your self-service support with Multi-branded knowledgebases

Provide support to multiple independent brands, products, services, or audiences with unique knowledgebases you can manage from one software.

Discover more on Multi-Brand

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control who sees what

The right content for the right audience

With Deskpro you can make content available for internal and external use on the same knowledgebase.

Usergroup Permissions

Specify permissions to limit what content customers can view.

Permissions may also be set up for internal knowledge management such as employee training, answering HR questions, or storing important documents on the same self-service support site as customer FAQs.

You choose your deployment

One of the benefits of Deskpro's knowledgebase software is that you can choose between Cloud or On-Premise deployment.

The same great product, with different deployment choices.


Deploy an On-Premise knowledgebase software from your server infrastructure.


Run your knowledgebase software from a secure AWS data center of your choice.

Migration Made Easy

Cloud hosting on industry-leading AWS data centers in the US, EU, or the UK.

Can't Decide?

Can't choose between deploying your knowledgebase on Cloud or On-Premise, you can easily switch later.

50% of inquiries were questions people could answer themselves, making the implementation of a knowledgebase priceless.
David BrooksManaging Director
We leverage the knowledgebase pretty heavily, we have some integrations that pull from it and put it onto our more central portal where everyone logs in
David RacoSystems Administrator
We have a knowledgebase and guides from the client side so we can refer them to articles in there which helps standardize our procedures, it’s a really useful feature, I call it the lifesaver.
David NeelmanDirector, Project & Client Services
The documentation in Deskpro's knowledgebase was really good for the onboarding process.
Neil DavisProcurement Support Manager

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