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IT Guard unified its support capabilities with a robust helpdesk

As a technology company, IT Guard is used to dealing with lots of different pieces of software. Unfortunately, its support team was being slowed down by having to use multiple tools.

The Challenge

Anne de Vassoigne, Founder of IT Guard, explained how the need for a new helpdesk solution arose.

“We were using Outlook for emails, and another software package for our knowledgebase, neither worked well for what we needed. We started to look for something that had both ticketing and knowledgebase integrated.”

As a security company, IT Guard was keen to be in control of their hosting environment as well as all of their data, so they set out to find an on-premise multi-channel helpdesk.

The Solution

To begin the search, Anne created a shortlist of On-Premise helpdesks that included ticketing and a knowledgebase and began to test the different options. After trialing a few helpdesks, she realized how important it was to have highly customizable ticketing software.

Once the decision was made, IT Guard moved email and its internal knowledgebase into Deskpro. The onboarding team was able to start setting up triggers and escalations to help with support. These features weren't available to IT Guard when using Outlook and something that Anne hoped would be a game-changer for the company.

The Deskpro product stood out, it was exactly what we were looking for, and was an affordable solution.
Anne de Vassoigne Founder

The Benefits

Since IT Guard consolidated its support tools into Deskpro, the team has found many benefits to having a dedicated helpdesk vs Outlook. Time-saving automations within Deskpro have helped the customer support team to be more effective and efficient with ticket resolutions.

Having an integrated knowledgebase and ticketing system has not only reduced costs, but has also ensured that emails aren’t getting lost, and the support team doesn’t have to keep flicking between different software.

Overall, the team has been really impressed with how Deskpro has enabled them to get more done and improve customer satisfaction in less time than before.

The Future

IT Guard are a growing team, so has used the reporting dashboards, but haven’t felt the need to create any custom reports. However, when the team need to start tracking more metrics, they already have the perfect tool to do so.

“We have occasionally used the dashboards. But as our team grows, we may need to use reports in more depth.”

By future-proofing its helpdesk software, IT Guard will be able to utilize all of the reports on the helpdesk when they need to, as well as leveraging the Deskpro customer success team to help with creating custom reports.