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How Still Solutions Got Their Support Moving With Deskpro On-Premise.

Supporting over 1000 businesses across two brands using a legacy help desk solution was proving to be a pain that Still Solutions could cope with no more. They switched to Deskpro to help them to provide better service to their customers of both their managed technology services, Still Solutions and Moxybox.
The Challenge

When Brandon Farrell, IT Team Lead, joined Still Solutions he instantly felt that a new help desk system needed to be implemented.

“We were using Harmony ERP, but the interface was confusing and everything seemed really clunky. It slowed our agents down a lot and resulted in us providing below-average support to our customers, on occasion.”

The team at Still Solutions went through a rigorous testing phase with several different help desks. One of their criteria was a help desk system that could easily separate customers into different organizations, so ideally a help desk with its own inbuilt CRM system.

“On our previous ticketing system, in order to create new organizations, it was about a 20 step process. I don’t know why it was so crazy and hectic but it made it very unpleasant to use.”

The other challenge was to find a help desk that was available for On-Premise deployment and also provided a multi-brand option to allow agents to support both Still Solutions and their secondary brand, Moxybox.

About Still Solutions
Still Solutions is a managed IT service provider, supporting almost 1000 different types of businesses. They operate under two brands. Still Solutions implement hardware, managed IT services, server maintenance and custom development solutions. Whereas their secondary brand, Moxybox, provides a cloud computing desktop as a service, to individuals and businesses around the globe.
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The Solution

Both brands that Still Solutions has (Still Solutions and Moxybox) are customer facing and due to the multi-brand capabilities of Deskpro, could be separately branded and managed by the agents within the same help desk. The CSV importer allowed their new Deskpro help desk to be populated with their previous customer data, so they could get up and running straight away.

“Our whole team, admin and agents, love the user interface. It is really intuitive and actually enjoyable to work in.”

In a comparable situation to other companies using legacy help desk platforms, Still Solutions “didn’t know what they didn’t know.” Seemingly small features such as the ability to add agent followers to a ticket or @mention members of the team within ticket notes, made communication between team members so much easier.

Effective reporting tools were also high on the list of features that Brandon was excited about when moving across to Deskpro. The list of 50+ inbuilt reports combined with the DPQL (Deskpro variation of mySQL). As a technology company, a lot of the team are familiar with SQL, so being able to use SQL demands to create custom reports has helped Still Solutions view, track and improve even more of their help desk metrics. The powerful search functionality within the agent interface has also sliced hours of lost time from Agents days.

“Search on Deskpro is really cool. It is incredibly deep and being able to search for anything within the same console, is really useful.”

All of Still Solutions customers receive a finite amount of time for support each and every month. They wanted a smooth and systematic way to track agents time on tickets and bill their clients accordingly.

“Our customers are billed support costs by the hour, so we needed the inbuilt billing feature in Deskpro, combined with the custom fields, allowed us to customize it to the exact use-case that we required.“

"Our whole team, admin and agents, love the user interface. It is really intuitive and actually enjoyable to work in. "
Brandon Farrell
Brandon Farrell
IT Team Lead, Still Solutions
"Deskpro is a great product and has helped us to improve the support we provide our customers, which in turn has helped us sell more. "
Brandon Farrell, IT Team Lead, Still Solutions
The Benefits

Before embarking on the journey with Deskpro as their customer support software, Still Solutions had never used Live Chat. In addition to equipping Brandon and the team with another channel for customers to get in touch with them, it also helped to reduce the number of tickets they acquired via email and the contact form on their user portal.

“Our customers love the fact that they can see exactly when we are online and get in touch with agents instantly. It has helped to reduce email tickets as most live chats we receive are shorter questions and can be resolved on the spot.”

Still Solution had a user portal in place with their old help desk, but the transition for customers into using the new one as very fast. Deskpro has allowed users to keep track of tickets, especially the managers of companies, who want to know how many tickets their team have submitted so they can keep an eye on their own support costs.

Other customers of Still Solutions who just use email for support have seen a difference in how quickly their support tickets are being responded to and managed. It has provided a better service for all customers as well as a more enjoyable and effective system for their support agents.

“We have had a quite a few support agents join since we implemented Deskpro and there hasn’t really been a learning curve at all for them. The resources, such as the Quick-Start Agent Guide, help to get everyone up to speed and provide lots of handy hints and tips to use Deskpro in the most efficient way, which our management and customers really appreciate.”

The Future

In their previous help desk, Still Solutions had very minimal reporting and lacked the ability to track anything beyond very basic metrics. Through the transition they have begun to increase the number of KPI’/metrics they are tracking, with the intention to keep increasing the regularity of reports to gain deeper insights into the activity of their agents and customer base of almost 1000 businesses.

“With Deskpro we can track almost anything. It is easy to keep track of hours each agent is billing (one of our standard KPI’s) especially when we can write our own custom SQL reports.”

There were a few other features that Still Solutions are looking to migrate across into their Deskpro help desk, including their knowledge base and Voice calls.

“We are in the process of moving across our knowledge base from an old software provider to the Deskpro Knowledge Base, so that we can have a seamless link between all forms of support we provide our customers, from within our help desk.”

The support team at Still Solutions are really happy that they migrated across to Deskpro and especially happy with the support they have received. “Whenever I submit a ticket to Deskpro, it is followed up and resolved quickly by the team. They have been really great. The fast support and powerful help desk software have lead me to recommend Deskpro on a number of occasions.”

"Whenever I submit a ticket to Deskpro, it is followed up and resolved quickly by the team. They have been really great. "
Brandon Farrell
Brandon Farrell
IT Team Lead, Still Solutions

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