Our HubSpot integration helps you to streamline your sales and marketing teams to encourage sales and optimize marketing strategies.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most popular sales and marketing CRM systems for growing businesses. It is often used by sales teams to manage leads and prospects.

The HubSpot helpdesk integration with Deskpro allows you to keep your customer support and sales teams on the same page. This is key to closing leads and providing the best level support to potential new customers and current customers.

The HubSpot helpdesk integration with Deskpro can be accessed through Zapier. Triggers, Searches and Actions from the HubSpot integration:

  • New COS Blog Article
  • New Calendar Task
  • New Social Media Message
  • New Contact in List INSTANT
  • New Form Submission INSTANT
  • New Contact INSTANT
  • New Contact Property Change INSTANT
  • Find Contact
  • Add Contact to Workflow
  • Create Calendar Task
  • Create Social Media Message
  • Create or Update Contact
  • New Enterprise Event
  • New Form Submission
  • Add Contact to List
  • Create COS Blog Post