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MeisterTask is an intuitive project and task management tool that helps teams collaborate and align their workloads during projects.

Make project management simple with MeisterTask, and link your Deskpro tickets to streamline communication with users about the status of projects. Features of Deskpro's MeisterTask app, include:

Link Tasks to Tickets: Linking tasks to tickets in the app lets agents easily view information from MeisterTask while replying to Users, making communication more efficient.

Create new Tasks: Easily create new tasks from Deskpro based on the information provided by your users.

View Task details: View the properties on your tasks to keep up to date with any updates or changes made to them.

Edit Tasks: Edit the properties on tasks directly from Deskpro when you receive updated information from your users about a project.

Add Comments: Add additional information to the task using the comments feature.